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The show will also feature a SAW museum that includes: torture devices, headgear, set pieces and even Jigsaw's infamous puppet "Billie" as well as other authentic props from the SAW franchise.
She added that HRW had found torture devices in Al Raqqa, and was able to confirm their use, HRW people having seen devices which have stretched people into great pain or even to their death.
On the city's West Side, its well-heeled denizens were stunned when investigators announced that a Beechmont Street basement contained a steel cage, butchering tools and torture devices.
There's also demonstrations of torture devices - actually, the tongue extractor looked rather useful.
Disease, torture and death are exposed in the graphic pictures of the death chambers, ovens and torture devices.
Lots of sleuthing stuff, hidden weapons, lethal umbrellas and unpleasant torture devices.
Hot on his trail is another government type, a cheerfully demonic functionary named Welch bearing an attache case full of torture devices, patriotic cookies and -- most significantly -- row upon row of American flags.
For many a big block to toning up is a public gym with all those body machines that look like torture devices and the bodies/machines that are working out on them.
He's come back from America to start a computer business in his home town but Frances reckons that the company is also selling torture devices to the Third World.
People who were so thoroughly into their alternative lifestyle that they couldn't appear anywhere ordinary without being harassed would come out of their warrens to display all their piercings, tattoos, and torture devices turned into necklaces and bracelets.