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(law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought

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Accordingly, to the extent that tort law relies on a principle that one person does not get to be in charge of another, it does so inconsistently.
For insurers, tort law is a perennial concern, but regulation is a constant, ongoing reality with significant consequences for daily operations.
By stabilizing the gross revenue for DigitizeIQ in tort law sector, this will allow expansion into verticals that have large scalability.
Existing human rights, environmental and tort laws all require governments to reduce emissions, because the failure to do so will cause grave harm to their citizens and the planet.
Technological Innovation and its Impact on Tort Law A.
Classic tort law imposed no duty of rescue, and, consistent with that concept, government did not feel it had the power to coerce benevolence in public law either.
46) The court reasoned that because Japanese tort law was the substantive law that applied to this case allowing the recovery, and because Yasuma was challenging the constitutionality of the Japanese tort judgment, not the Uniform Act, there was no link between a domestic government entity and the alleged deprivation, therefore there was no state action to be found under the first element of Lugar.
The court thoroughly discussed the reason for its decision to allow plaintiffs to sue under state tort law.
Entre los grupos que se han ocupado de la elaboracion de reglas comunes, el primero en ver la luz ha sido el European Group on Tort Law, creado en 1992 en Viena, en el seno del European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, bajo la direccion de los profesores HELMUT KOZIOL Y JAAP SPIER (57).
The economic loss rule, a doctrine that is at the "intersection between contract and tort law [and that] has confounded courts and counsel for decades," (1) is traceable to English case law that predates Abraham Lincoln's presidency.
Although the hospital was named because treatment was physically rendered in their emergency room, the agreement protected the hospital from paying its share under traditional tort law.
This Article seeks to answer the question whether tort law should overrule family law, with the proviso that it be applied sensibly when deciding family matters; or whether the two disciplines of law are complementary, in the sense that liberal tort law completes nonliberal religious family law by supplying remedies in the form of damages only, whereas religious family law determines exclusively the status (married or divorced).
In Part II, we briefly trace the development of the doctrine surrounding the tension between the First Amendment and private law, particularly tort law, and how it helps lead to the view of private law as government regulation displayed in Snyder.
This Article corrects a misconception in corporation law--the belief that principles of tort law do not apply to the liability scheme of fiduciary duty.
This is not to suggest that judicial decisions were immediately affected by the new academic approach to tort law but neither is it to deny it had any impact at all; the nature of this relationship awaits further research.