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(law) any wrongdoing for which an action for damages may be brought

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Existing human rights, environmental and tort laws all require governments to reduce emissions, because the failure to do so will cause grave harm to their citizens and the planet.
Indirect Patent Infringement Is Different from Secondary Liability in Other Areas of Tort Law 2.
Technological Innovation and its Impact on Tort Law A.
Classic tort law imposed no duty of rescue, and, consistent with that concept, government did not feel it had the power to coerce benevolence in public law either.
46) The court reasoned that because Japanese tort law was the substantive law that applied to this case allowing the recovery, and because Yasuma was challenging the constitutionality of the Japanese tort judgment, not the Uniform Act, there was no link between a domestic government entity and the alleged deprivation, therefore there was no state action to be found under the first element of Lugar.
that [without a boundary between tort law and contract law], contract law would drown in a sea of tort," the U.
In the migraine example, if the physician's assistant is found negligent, traditional tort law allows for the hospital to also have exposure.
But should legal pluralism contribute to the creation of a more liberal society by asking that the message of liberal tort law be embraced?
7) Tort law finds liability; corporation law excuses it.
NastLaw LLC focuses its practice in antitrust and mass tort law, including pharmaceutical product liability, medical device product liability, price fixing, business monopolies and other wrongful business practices.
13) The Kiobel majority explained that it applied criminal law standards to ATS acts, though in tort law.
Among other things, she favors lecturing on tort law, contract law, and legal ethics.
Punitive damages have long been a controversial area of tort law.
16) Thus, it should come as no surprise that there is no single comprehensive juried study that looks broadly at the deterrent effect of tort law.
Classic tort law is a reasonable (although expensive) way to handle third-party effects for strangers, as in the ease of auto accidents.