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the Spaniard who as Grand Inquisitor was responsible for the death of thousands of Jews and suspected witches during the Spanish Inquisition (1420-1498)

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En la actualidad, de acuerdo con Luna y Torquemada (2008b), el diseno de los cuestionarios enfrenta el reto de incorporar los cambios contextuales propios de cada situacion educativa con el fin de ser congruentes con la filosofia y la mision institucional.
Duran parece no encontrar ningun elemento reprochable en las danzas y diversiones que describe, y de hecho, su relato parece mas apologetico que critico y difiere mucho en este instante del tono moralizante y condenatorio de Torquemada que se vera unos 35 anos despues en Monarquia Indiana.
The tale is a sexy one, when the frustrated young Concepcion plans an in flagrante hour with her poet lover while her horologist husband Torquemada is out winding the town clocks.
Por su parte, Florence Dumora se decanta por El jardin de flores curiosas (1570), de Antonio de Torquemada y la importancia del saber geografico en la constitucion de esta miscelanea (pp.
Torquemada (1943-44, 1:738) refers to the voyage as "hico a la parte Austral, i [y] incognita" [going to Southern parts and unknown], repeated in similar terms at a number of points, and that "la Terre" [the land], was named "la Austral del Espiritu Santo" [the Southern of the Holy Ghost] (1:752).
Francois Piolino gave Torquemada splendidly precise, focused personality through both singing and skilled stagecraft.
To a surprising degree, Torquemada advocates, in a very Cervantine fashion, in favor of multiple perspectives and approaches to truth(s).
Chapter 1, "Miscellanea: The Garden of Curiosities and Macabre Theater," also flirts with the distinction between modern and postmodern perspectives; Castillo discusses the literary miscellanea of Torquemada and Medrano, comparing these "eclectic literary cabinets," which reproduce "folkloric hearsay" and "pseudo-autobiographic anecdotes," effectively transforming "the sense-making myths and symbols of the ancient world into literary curiosities," not unlike modern fantasy (40).
Fray Juan de Torquemada, misionero y cronista espanol radicado en la Nueva Espana, describe en su libro Monarquia indiana un lugar exclusivo para los incapacitados:
And when David went to school, the headmaster marshalled him into his office and reprimanded him like some latter-day Torquemada of the Inquisition.
Es un Torquemada chiquito que ordeno a los ministros de la Suprema que no pasara el aborto y su ley impia .
In 1483 the Pope appointed Dominican monk Tomas de Torquemada as the first head of a new body.
According to Dan Torquemada, assistant special agent in charge, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Santa Rosa, Calif.
Its 30 million digital inhabitants are ruled by duplicates of some of history's cruellest tyrants: Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Holocaust; Beria, Stalin's arch executioner; Torquemada, Spain's pitiless Inquisitor General; Robespierre, the face of the Reign of Terror.
Now I have no particular feelings about Christmas but it always seemed to me that encouraging all those aged, chronic bronchitics to the Christmas Eve Watchnight Service was responsible for more deaths than any other religious phenomenon since Human Sacrifice and Torquemada were abolished.