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a dentifrice in the form of a paste

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Said CEO Craig Dubitsky, "All of our toothpastes leave you feeling clean, polished and fresh without unnecessary artificial ingredients, plus the added bonus of amazing taste.
Discover how a 10-Year-Old Boy's Allergies Were Relieved After Using a Revolutionary Fluoride-Free Toothpaste from UGLY by nature
The toothpastes that will be available stateside include White Glo Professional Choice Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste; White Glo Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula, which uses micro-polishing particles as well as a micro-wax protective shield to help prevent future stains; White Glo Smokers Formula, a fluoride-enriched product with all-natural diatomaceous earth and micro-polishing particles designed to remove tobacco stains and smokers breath; and White Glo 2-in-l Mouthwash, a double strength whitening toothpaste with a mouthwash base to help fight bad breath.
12 ( ANI ): A new study has found that using fluoride toothpaste containing triclosan, an antibacterial agent, and a copolymer, which helps prevent the triclosan from being washed away by saliva, regularly helps reduce plaque, gingivitis, and bleeding gums and slightly reduces tooth decay compared to fluoride toothpaste without those ingredients.
Despite the many types of toothpaste that exist, there are some ingredients common to most varieties.
April Gray comes over all sci-fi in the bathroom with an LED whitening toothpaste IT IS National Smile Month and quite frankly, my teeth aren''t up to par.
1 Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Enamel Repair Toothpaste (pounds 3.
GSK is claiming a scientific breakthrough with a new Sensodyne toothpaste it says is the first to repair sensitive teeth by forming a protective "tooth-like" layer.
STURBRIDGE - Two tubes of counterfeit Colgate toothpaste that may contain a chemical used in antifreeze have surfaced in Sturbridge.
Laboratory tests have confirmed that the content of these toothpastes can cause kidney problems," Rojas said;
They also want to make sure that their toothpastes survive such factors as temperature changes during manufacture, transportation, storage, and, finally, brushing.
Natural and herbal toothpastes are by no means new, but this stands out with its female positioning.
All whitening toothpastes are not created equal," says Marc Gibeley, vice president for Gillette Oral Care, the parent of Oral-B Rembrandt.
recently introduced Dentavite, one of the first toothpastes to contain vitamin E and pycnogenol, natural supplements with antioxidants and immune-system boosters that the company says may help stave off gum disease.
7 Repeat Steps 2 through 6 for remaining toothpastes and dentures (excluding D), one at a time.