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a dentifrice in the form of a paste

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The authors also noted that 50% (n = 13) of the sample had at least 1 picture of a food item, such as a strawberry, orange slices or watermelon present on the toothpaste tube itself.
AS THE last dregs of paste squeeze out of the toothpaste tube that has been 2012, the beginning of November is as good a time as any to compile a few delights that lie in store for the rest of the year.
I needed to use two hands to squeeze the toothpaste tube.
I'm sure Ed Miliband is a very nice man but "the squeezed middle" sounds more like a toothpaste tube than a political crusade.
But "where you're seeing a big pickup in (revenue per available room) is in cities where the Chinese have an influence and are traveling, because they fill the lower end of hotels and then the whole toothpaste tube fills - from the bottom up.
Will my boys ever conquer the great unknown - or as we call them, the washing basket, the toothpaste tube and the Hoover?
1892 Dr Washington Sheffield invented the toothpaste tube.
In the early days of her prison sentence, Saberi used the bottom edge of a toothpaste tube to scratch three words onto the heater of her cell: "God save Iran.
Erroll leaves peanut butter paw prints everywhere, uses the toothpaste tube like a fire horse, and is way too mischievous for Bob's mother.
COP PROBE Dr Conrad Murray Box of Latex surgical gloves Jacko's glasses case Bottle of Fiji water Dent in pillow from Jacko's head "Incontinence pad" Makeshift tourniquet Jacko's half-drunk orange drink Roll of surgical tape CPR began on bed then moved here Toothpaste tube still in its box Prayer beads worn at his rehearsals Instructions for resuscitation "Ambu-bag" air pump DVD or compact disc Doll, usually placed on the bed BEADS Jacko seen wearing his prayer beads MANSION The rented LA home where the singer died NO HOPE Medics desperately try to revive Jackson in the ambulance
The cap on the Fire Fly toothpaste tube lights up and continues flashing for 60 seconds.
Heroin, peppermint-flavored heroin," Adam (Grant after revealing that his name is not Peter Joshua) jokingly tells an anxious Reggie after squeezing and tasting the contents of a toothpaste tube from her husband's suitcase, where both believe lies the key to their mystery.
says Inglis, "The gel is packaged in an easy-to-dispense tube, like a small toothpaste tube.
He has also created such eccentric art as a bird skeleton utilizing his own fingernail parings, a latex cast of his body inflated with air, and clocks fashioned from a Coke can, a manila envelope, and a toothpaste tube.