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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

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To open the scrapbook, on the Tools menu in any Office program, click Scrapbook.
Alternatively, you can simply highlight the relevant board within an application and then select the appropriate tool via the toolbar icons or directly from the Tools menu.
To activate the junk filter in Outlook click on the Tools menu, then Organize.
If you don't see these tools, select the TOOLS menu bar option, then click CUSTOMIZE, and add a "check" to the PICTURE selection box.
Once this is done, by selecting "add-ins" under the Tools menu, the function will appear in the Tools menu.
For a list of trusted CAs in Internet Explorer, for example, go to the Tools menu, choose Internet Options, then select the Content tab and click on the Certificates button.
The Tools menu has links to great troubleshooting aids like the System Configuration Utility, System File Checker, Registry Checker, Automatic Skip Driver Agent, Update Wizard Uninstall, Dr.
The next step is to erase the brightest details in the image, such as any galaxy, nebula, or star cluster, using Photoshop's Rubber Stamp in the Tools menu.
Because the calendar of events is an essential element of the game, this item should be more accessible, perhaps appearing as an icon near the clock and temperature rather than in the tools menu.
Geared toward large-scale development shops that want to customize Perforce, a Configurable Tools menu is available for users to write scripts to access Perforce.
Go to the Tools menu and look for Options or Preferences, then something to do with your Mail or the delivery of it.
Under the Tools menu choose Internet Assistant Wizard.
The tools menu provides insert, delete, replace or move operations for each component, as well as the ability to change a component's specifications.
So you pull down a Tools menu and select the DVI Motion Video Tool (Figure 2).
To use the feature, users need to select the live video icon at the top of their Facebook page, newsfeed or timeline and tap on the magic wand icon in the creative tools menu at the bottom of the screen.
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