French kiss

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an openmouthed kiss in which your tongue is inserted into the other's mouth

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You learn a lot from reading 105 columns, not the least of which is the term "tonsil hockey," which Allie Grasgreen of McMinnville High used in a piece on PDAs (Public Displays of Affection), as in: "It's hard enough to get through the halls in five minutes without having to navigate around some nasty tonsil hockey that I would really rather not see.
Only he could wear the same Burton shirt for four weeks in a row and still manage to play tonsil hockey with Pamela Anderson.
Actress Natalie Cassidy used up all of her considerable talent to convey devastation before throwing it all away on a screaming match and tonsil hockey with Martin.
Ashley the butcher is feeling offal (sorry) after playing tonsil hockey with his son's nanny, Claire.
With their newfound all-star level tonsil hockey skills, they are now much more popular with the ladies, and by popular we mean they don't have to do product testing on their hands anymore.
If it's the latter, let's hope we don't have to endure the lingering scenes of tonsil hockey that have blighted previous episodes.
His presidential tonsil hockey, however, was the height of romance compared with the posturing sexual machismo of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.
After 10 seconds of tonsil hockey, the team was 50 points richer and on our way out of The City.
Perhaps the moment when the scary depths of Madonna's fame addiction became all-too apparent was in 2003 when she and Britney Spears played tonsil hockey at the MTV Awards.