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a city in central Mali near the Niger river

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Although the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project incorporates researchers from Africa and beyond, who are involved in studies of book history and manuscript traditions of Africa, the core team is based at South Africa's University of Cape Town.
Deux villes differentes ont ete frappees: Douentza et Tombouctou.
After time-compressed planning for D-day had been advanced on numerous occasions, an airborne operation retook Tombouctou on 26 January without any opposition from jihadists, who had fled earlier.
Originaire des environs de Tombouctou, Soumaila Cisse, 63 ans, a ete ministre pendant une grande partie des annees 90 et notamment ministre des Finances.
Within days Mali's three northern Regions of Tombouctou (Timbuktu), Gao and Kidal, 66 per cent of the country's 480,000 square mile landmass, were under the control of the secular Tuareg rebel force of the MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad) and its (then) jihadist allies, MUJAO and Ansar Dine.
Pour la premiere fois, les islamistes s'attaquent a une mosquee de Tombouctou.
The rebels are oblivious to the heritage of Timbuktu, as we have just witnessed with the destruction of a number of tombs by the Ansar al-Din," says Shamil Jeppie, director of the Tombouctou [Timbuktu] Manuscripts Project of the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
In an effort to preserve the texts, the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project was set up and run by the University of Cape Town in a partnership with the South African government.
The company is planning its maiden voyage for this coming January, and if all goes as planned, the SkyCar will take off from London, travel south through France and Spain, and then across parts of Western Africa before landing in Tombouctou, a city in Mali that borders the Southern Sahara.
Both places are also known by other names - Y Gelli being Hay's Welsh name, and Tombouctou being an alternative for Timbuktu.
In 1984 Tombouctou published her next collection, Phantom Pain (which included Legacy, retitled "Dr H.
They are concentrated within the Tombouctou region of central Mali.
And we learn that the University of Sankore in Tombouctou (Timbuktu), a town along the Niger River in Mali, was well known throughout the vast Moslem domain seven centuries ago.
Il y a au moins deux militaires tues", a declare un elu de cette localite, situee a environ 80 km de Tombouctou, une des plus grandes villes du nord du Mali.