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Russian author remembered for two great novels (1828-1910)

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In some ways, this early iteration of Mary before her marriage to Nicholas is a closer precursor than Sonya to later Tolstoyan spinsters like Varenka in Anna Karenina and Marya Pavlovna in Resurrection whose lives revolve around service to others.
Hindu as well as other elements (for example, Sikh) were added to a blend of Tolstoyan and Quaker Christianity.
On 14 November, Nikolay Kolev, a Bulgarian poet with a Tolstoyan beard, wrote to his country's six leading institutions with his plans to throw a tomato at each.
I realized that even a person of prosaic preferences and Tolstoyan biases could undergo a transformation in the laboratory of a master at metrical consciousness, an academic for whom poetic form was an ideal and translator's norm on par with semantic meaning, even in the realm of "conversational speech.
But many of those who claim to follow him tend to become ineffectual pacifists or non- resisters of the Tolstoyan variety or just members of a narrow sect, not in touch with life and reality.
Despite a procession of amendments in recent years, the Oregon Constitution is hardly Tolstoyan in length.
By adopting the tolstoyan conception of art as an emotional link between the artist and the audience, the author sees his reviews as a way of "talking back" to the writers.
Aiming for a Tolstoyan vibe that personalizes history's great events, the pic is big, but not big enough; historical, but not exactly accurate; and the extra stuffing, which made "Mysteries" a treasure box of discoveries, here feels merely undigested.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn was born on 11 December 1918 in Kislovodsk, southern Russia, the son of a man who had once been a Tolstoyan pacifist but later became a loyal officer in the Tsarist army, surviving prolonged frontline action only to die in a shooting accident six months before Solzhenitsyn was born, and leaving behind a young wife who never remarried, bringing up her son alone.
Yet the proportions of this novel are anything but Tolstoyan.
It takes us from what Lytton Strachey recognized as the Tolstoyan overtones of The Voyage Out to a revealing note in 1940 detailing the exquisite shock of rereading Tolstoy and marking War and Peace as "the greatest novel in the world" as Woolf prepared for an essay that poignantly remained unwritten.
My mother remembers Howie arriving in a sweat to tell us about the delights of his first day picking rocks--an account of Tolstoyan camaraderie and the midday sun affirming and hot on his neck.
Some of these are controversial figures, including Rolf Gardiner - Tolstoyan idealist or fascist sympathizer?
His latest work, Scenes From Village Life, recently translated into English, capitalizes on this Tolstoyan trope.