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Russian author remembered for two great novels (1828-1910)

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As the tug of war over Tolstoy's legacy becomes heated, involving his favourite daughter Sasha and physician Dushan Makovitsky, Valentin experiences pangs of love with Tolstoy acolyte, Masha.
Tolstoy Street was opened from Ibraimov to Shabdan Baatyr streets, while Bokonbayev - from Prospekt Mira to Nekrasov streets 2 weeks ago but are yet to be accepted, mayor of Bishkek Kubanychbek Kulmatov told Tazabek.
Classical economists such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo, who espoused a labor theory of value, never drew such outrageous conclusions from it, and by the late nineteenth century, while Tolstoy was still intellectually active, the labor theory of value was subjected to thorough refutation, and only socialists and economic illiterates held out in its defense.
Close to the Tsars and to the chief of the secret police, Chertkov represented the very things Tolstoy had renounced--class privilege, unlimited power, and wealth.
Tolstoy fervently T believed in the Christian injunction: "Resist not evil"; and by ordering one's life in a completely moral way, one should allow the evil of violence to die like the dead leaves in autumn.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The 27th Tehran International Book Fair invited Tolstoy's great-great-grandson Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy to take part in the event.
26 -- (BNA): The Shaikh Ibrahim Culture and Research Centre organizes a lecture on the life of "Leo Tolstoy and his family" as part of the Centre's cultural activities in its thirteen season "Culture as a Universal Language" on Monday.
Abstract: In Anna Karenina, Tolstoy directs our attention toward several sub-sets of characters by conferring shared given names on them.
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, it's so sad and passionate.
Mirsky), or asserted that Tolstoy continued to hold Orthodox Christian views (V.
Tolstoy and the evangelist John would have us learn two lessons from their tales of women caught as adulterers.
50pm This period drama assembles a magnificent cast, headed by Christopher Plummer as an elderly Leo Tolstoy.
In this he concentrates not on Tolstoy the author but on Tolstoy the seer.
Tolstoy on war; narrative art and historical truth in "War and Peace".
THE TOPIC: Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (1828-1910), the literary genius behind such works as Anna Karenina and War and Peace, continues to astonish readers with his psychological acuity and philosophical meditations.