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Russian author remembered for two great novels (1828-1910)

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The classic novel by Leo Tolstoy comes to life in this sweeping, romantic epic, a tragic story of love, infidelity and the destiny of a woman who irrevocably changes her life for the sake of passion.
Critique: The second of a series spotlighting the spiritual vision of classic literary authors, The Gospel in Tolstoy is a carefully chosen array of selections that reveal Tolstoy's lifelong respect for the teachings of Jesus Christ.
As the tug of war over Tolstoy's legacy becomes heated, involving his favourite daughter Sasha and physician Dushan Makovitsky, Valentin experiences pangs of love with Tolstoy acolyte, Masha.
However, Johnson and Tolstoy agree with each other in that, in their views, Shakespeare is immoral, sacrificing virtue to convenience.
With the aid of new sensitive seismic technology, Maya Tolstoy of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University recently studied 25 years of data from 10 submarine volcanic eruption sites in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans.
Several segments of Tolstoy and Bokonbayev streets are now open for the passage of vehicles.
WHEN LEO TOLSTOY PENNED War and Peace in 1869, he'd have been hard-pressed to imagine that his minor character Princess Mary would have her own musical 145 years later.
Tolstoy seems not to have had any understanding of the productive power of specialization and exchange, the sources of productivity increase, the incentives for trade and investment, and the general workings of the market system.
Prominent Russians were always watched, but Tolstoy earned particular scrutiny.
9 -- Google doodle is celebrating one of the world's greatest novelist Leo Tolstoy, on the occasion of his 186th birthday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The 27th Tehran International Book Fair invited Tolstoy's great-great-grandson Vladimir Ilyich Tolstoy to take part in the event.
26 -- (BNA): The Shaikh Ibrahim Culture and Research Centre organizes a lecture on the life of "Leo Tolstoy and his family" as part of the Centre's cultural activities in its thirteen season "Culture as a Universal Language" on Monday.
But a translator has to read, as it were, at grassroots level (the same level at which Tolstoy liked to view history) and proceed steadily and uniformly through every chapter, regardless of its import.
Mirsky), or asserted that Tolstoy continued to hold Orthodox Christian views (V.
In "The Russian Point of View," Virginia Woolf, who was more impressive as a critic than as a novelist or political oracle, named Tolstoy "the greatest of all novelists--for what else can we call the author of War and Peace?