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Russian author remembered for two great novels (1828-1910)

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The more significant ideological devil is not the Tolstoian pacifist but a Nietzschean who is enamored of the will-to-power.
The essays examine specific historical cases, among them secular conversion in 1930s Turkey, the Tolstoian religion in Meiji Japan, and mass conversion in 1930s India.
Rejecting de Vogue's interpretation of L'innocente as a novel written under the influence of Tolstoy, de Bosis argued that in fact the novel is "una reazione violenta contro la pieta tolstoiana" [a violent reaction against Tolstoian compassion] (151), and that D'Annunzio's oeuvre, both poetic and in prose, must be read as a rekindling of the spirit of the historical Renaissance.
It is only in the last two chapters that the Tolstoian comparison comes to the fore, and, it must be said, this is the weakest section.
Even so, her position on the question of self-defense meant she was not a strict pacifist; hence her emphatic insistence in 1910, in response to the way anarchist comrades had billed her lecture tour in Buffalo, that "once for all, I am not a Tolstoian, or a non-resistant" ("Tour Impressions" 323).