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British philologist and writer of fantasies (born in South Africa) (1892-1973)

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Cast members, some wearing bowler hats and others in bustles, were spotted around Dale Street as filming on Tolkien got under way.
I feel obliged to begin with a few words about myself if for no other reason than to establish my Tolkien bona fides.
Instead Tolkien finds a way to use these experiences as inspiration for his famous works, among them are 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy.
Therefore the smallest details would have mattered to Tolkien, who sought to tie Middle-Earth to our own sphere.
Revealing how personal this love story is, the names Beren and LE[bar]thien are also carved on the gravestone Tolkien shares with his wife.
Tolkien could talk about the origin of the Universe.
Tolkien, who went to King Edward's School in Edgbaston, left Birmingham in 1911 to study in Oxford.
The poem was printed alongside a festive one called Noel in the 1936 magazine for Our Lady's Abingdon school, near Oxford, when Tolkien was a professor at Oxford University.
Tolkien has been depicted both as an antimodernist environmentalist on the one hand and a racist allegorist of the Second World War on the other.
Tolkien himself called the story "laden with history, leading back into the dark heathen ages beyond the memory of song, but not beyond the reach of imagination," saying that "the whole thing is somber, tragic, sinister, curiously real.
Tolkien studies are a thriving area of scholarly and popular exploration.
A BBC radio documentary to be broadcast on Tuesday reveals how deeply Tolkien was affected by the conflict, and by the loss of friends he had cherished since they first met at King Edwards School in the city.
Wood then focuses on the concept of wyrd, "the pagan view that the world is at least partially ruled by weird forces" (145), as a space in The Children of Hurin in which Tolkien is "deepening and expanding our experience of the Christian metanarrative" (146) to encapsulate a specific element of pagan thought.
In the month the new film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is released, it is Tyneside that holds a special Tolkien secret.
And Tolkien had strong links to Newcastle, and the dedicated team renovating graves in Jesmond Old Cemetery in Newcastle uncovered a secret about him.