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an industrial city in northwestern Ohio on Lake Erie

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a city in central Spain on the Tagus river

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In addition to meeting Toledo, those who attend the event co-hosted by blogger Marie Denee can shop Refinfery29's favorite pieces, enjoy styling tips from Toledo, as well as music, refreshments, an Instagram booth and amazing in-store giveaways.
During three offseasons of playing golf, spending time with family -- especially his grandchildren -- and relaxing, Toledo still couldn't get past his not-so-hidden ache.
Toledo has explored a wide range of work possibilities such as painting, sculpture, engraving, photography and ceramics.
The changes made for the Wrangler Unlimited aren't the last for the Toledo facility.
In the second chapter, Bosch explains that the Trastamaras and the Archbishops of Toledo established the Inquisition and instituted other policies, intended to achieve spiritual and political uniformity.
Diego Bol, a founding member of the Toledo Maya Cultural Council, says logging has had a devastating effect on his people.
Conjoining the antipodal qualities of solidity, malleability, and fluidity in his machinations, Toledo alludes to the physical makeup of living organisms, and suggests that artworks too have a life of their own.
Mettler Toledo is a global business enterprise, specializing in the area of precision instruments for professional use.
Toledo said he hasn't paid much attention to UCLA since leaving, but he still knows the Bruins' talent.
The appointment was announced by John Raisian, Hoover director, who added that "it is an honor and privilege to welcome former President Toledo to the Hoover Institution as a distinguished visiting fellow.
Lane Bryant, the nation's leading women's special size apparel retailer, is excited to announce that fashion designer Isabel Toledo will make a personal appearance at the brand's flagship location in Manhattan, NY to celebrate the debut of the Fall 2014 Isabel Toledo Collection.
Last week, Dan Guerrero announced the firing of Bob Toledo and, in a news-conference performance worthy of Clarence Darrow, the first-year athletic director convinced everyone listening that he knows exactly what he's doing.
ETS and the Toledo Public School District announced today a yearlong project in which the district's teachers and administrators will integrate ETS's data management and assessment tools into classroom teaching practice to help improve student achievement.
ProMedica Principle Sponsor for Toledo Walleye Winterfest 2014