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an industrial city in northwestern Ohio on Lake Erie

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a city in central Spain on the Tagus river

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While Toledo was in detention, members of Anakbayan and Pagkakaisa ng mga Samahan ng Tsuper at Opereytor Nationwide (Piston) held a rally outside the police camp to demand her release.
The Cleveland-born architect lived, studied and worked in Toledo throughout his youth and early adulthood.
During that day in 2002, Toledo was ready to lay the groundwork for Las Vegas Bowl preparations, but hours before that meeting, then-new athletic director Dan Guerrero called his own meeting.
The heritage of the Toledo facility and welfare of the workers demanded that we renovate this 'brownfield' site as cost effectively as possible, while adopting the latest technologies and processes available," says Alberto Gonzales, plant manager at the Toledo Assembly Complex.
Joining Senor Toledo, as new commissars in South America, are fellow Marxists Fernando de la Rua (Argentina), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), and Luis Lula da Silva (Brazil).
In the Introduction, she explains that intermingling of Christian, Islamic, and Jewish cultures helped to make Toledo an important center for the translation of classical sources and the production of manuscripts.
Last exploited for mahogany in the 18th century, the regenerated moist forests of the Toledo District (in a region known as the Columbia River Forest Reserve) are once again threatened.
On the south-western extremity of the city of Madrid, the massive stone arches of the old Toledo Bridge span the Manzanares River.
Diego Toledo, now 29 and with a number of one-person shows to his credit, is among the most promising.
Former UCLA football coach Bob Toledo has spent the past eight months salmon fishing on Canada's Campbell River, vacationing in Texas, Hawaii, Florida and Las Vegas, golfing and spending time with his family in Westlake Village.
Holy Toledo: Esteban Toledo had a gallery of young golfers charting his round.