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an industrial city in northwestern Ohio on Lake Erie

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a city in central Spain on the Tagus river

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34) Indeed, the Toledan poet mentions it several times, contrasting his friend's blissful state and peace of mind with the rigors of a soldier's life.
Around the Process of Baroque Characterization of Toledan Altarpiece in XVIIth Century
It seems, therefore, to be a hybrid text, perhaps the fusion of a popular philosophy treatise produced in a Toledan school context with some pseudovirgilian anthology since it includes famous sayings ascribed to Virgil, which would explain the attribution of the work to Virgil and his transformation from a Roman into a Cordoban teacher of necromancy.
Taken together with the low rates of Toledan patients with tattered and valueless garments, silk consumption patterns suggest a more socioeconomically diverse urban patient population than elsewhere.
309-311; James KRITZECK, Peter the Venerable and the Toledan collection, in CONSTABLE--KRITZECK (eds.
On 6 January he embarked upon El Entierro de Conde Orgaz, a freewheeling prose-poem inspired by E1 Greco's eponymous Toledan masterpiece, which had already haunted Picasso for 60 years, ever since he was first taken to see the painting by Jose Moreno Carbonero, his teacher at the Academia de San Fernando.
The late fifteenth-century, Toledan provenance of the Beinecke Kyriale has been convincingly determined by Candelaria through his impressive interdisciplinary approach that took into consideration the iconography, paleography, the history of the work's ownership, and the connection to several related individual leaves from other liturgical books held by the Beinecke and the Pierpont Morgan Library.
Finally, one may point to a terminological difference which has been alleged to differentiate the translations of Gerard from his Toledan contemporary, Dominicus Gundissalinus, namely that between translating the Arabic 'aql as 'intellectus' (Gundissalinus) and as 'ratio' (Gerard).
In El sueno de los espejos, a fortunate braiding of elements from the detective story and fantasy literature, Jose Carrasco, a down-to-earth police superintendent now approaching retirement, finds himself investigating the meanderings of a misanthropic burglar who, using a technique described by medieval Toledan alchemists and a substance derived from mercury, travels through the realm of mirrors and dreams to steal and amass valuable artifacts from libraries across the globe.
Toledan authorities protested loudly, of course, and would continue to protest for decades.
After a chapter describing Potosi in the 16th century and the Toledan reforms (1570s) that stimulated silver production through rotational forced labour corvee (the mita system), the book launches into four chapters on trade and goods exchanged from 1600 to 1650.
56) Waldenfels's discourse would describe Baroja's Toledan episode in Camino de perfeccion as the 'other', an entity that evokes a response rather than an object of study to be de.
Typically showing a man and woman posing stiffly in regional dress against a stark or cropped background, such as the Toledan peasants of Figure 5 (3 [23 Sept.
According to Unamuno Don Quixote attempts to establish a "reino espiritual de la fe" (183) ("a spiritual kingdom of faith") when he confronts the Toledan merchants, requiring of them a homage in faith to Dulcinea's exquisite beauty.
Andalo di Negro was derided by the great French historian of science, Pierre Duhem, as "le dernier des ignorants"; and even Lynn Thorndike, who exculpated Andalo from Duhem's charge of mixing up the Toledan with the Alphonsine tables, nonetheless declared that he was "neither of much originality nor of great perspicacity" (Duhem 270; Thorndike 197; Ruhe 69).