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United States writer remembered as the secretary and companion of Gertrude Stein (1877-1967)

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Stein and Toklas met in Paris in 1907 and moved in together soon after, becoming part of an elite circle of celebrity friends that included many gay writers, musicians, and artists.
Toklas herself, since she appears jealous over the time Hemingway spends with Stein--although when Hemingway's Alice asks about the Alice chez Stein who shares her name, Hemingway replies, "She's nothing like you baby" ("Autobiography").
Despite such warnings, Stein and Toklas did not only refuse to leave, they moved to an even more vulnerable position, a manor house in Culoz near a German security checkpoint and railway station.
Toklas in which they described Vence, Nice, and the seashore.
Toklas would call her autobiography The Wives of Geniuses I Have Sat With.
Toklas, Sylvia Beach, Adrienne Monnier, and Robert McAlmon--exposed him to individuals whose gender and sexual identities, unconventional heterosexual marriages, and homosexual relationships immediately challenged his inherited Oak Park conservatism.
Toklas, who was continuing the practice of her lover, the recently deceased Gertrude Stein, of encouraging young writers.
Toklas is memoir, not fiction, nor is Stein's Three Lives a novel.
Toklas formed an art state in Nazi-occupied France, in touch with the right--some cultivated Vichy people with whom they could converse--and with the left, as in their relations with Picasso, their so-calle best friend.
Toklas, Ernest promised himself that when he had nothing else to write, he would produce his memoirs to even up the score" (291).
Toklas, In Paris the two women set up a salon that fosters some of the greatest writers of the century, including Hemingway and Fitzgerald, as well as gay artists, Stein declares her love for Toklas in print in The Autobiography of Alice B.
Toklas, "We found our best stream which was full of trout last year ruined by logging and running logs down--all the pools cleaned out--trout killed" (SL 167).
The 1920s: The Beginnings--Storytellers and Their Friends in Paris" chronicles evaluations by Anderson, Toklas, Aiken, and other writers that Hemingway and Faulkner first met during this period.
Toklas created and performed by Lola Pashalinski and Linda Chapman, playing through June 27 at the Signature Theatre in New York City.
Toklas, Cloud Chaser, Top of the Town , and Overnight , Meisler explains, "Like the menu and indeed the hotel as a whole, the cocktail list is designed to be eclectic.