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United States writer remembered as the secretary and companion of Gertrude Stein (1877-1967)

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In the appendixes are a brief note from Nancy Kuhl, curator of the Stein and Toklas papers at the Beinecke, who outlines significant developments in the preservation and digital availability of the archives, as well as a hidden gem: Donald Gallup's 1947 overview of the history, breadth, and content of the Stein Collection at Yale as it was at mid-century.
Toklas (1877-1967) conformed to traditional male-female gender roles; a Jew who befriended a Nazi sympathizer; a collector who summarily dropped her proteges; a collaborator craving top billing; an intellectual, avant-garde writer hungering for star status.
Stephanie Blythe played Stein, while Elizabeth Futral sang Toklas.
Toklas Went smokeless A little hash Under her moustache.
The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas by Gertrude Stein (Bodley Head, 1933) Luckily, I scraped into university on a waiting-list place.
The celebrity cookbook is not all that old and one of the best was the Alice Toklas Cookbook which appeared roughly a century ago and reflected the kind of gourmet food Toklas prepared for her lesbian lover Gertrude Stein, including a reference to her famous "hash cookies".
Toklas, sitting out the war in the wilds of Australia (a comic episode conveyed in the style of Great Expectations).
Najmi, from the beginning, has Muhammad inserting himself between Stein and Toklas.
Toklas and Eggers's A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.
Toklas, as they waited out the war in the rural Bugey region, near the Swiss border.
Toklas at their salon on rue de Fleurus inspired my travels to the City of Light, first in 1969, then on and off through the 1970s and 1980s.
Toklas, Gertrude Stein described an evening in 1915, when she and Toklas were strolling with Picasso and his mistress Eva Gouel.
By late 1910, the modest two-bedroom apartment at 27, rue de Fleurus that Leo had initially rented for himself was home to three occupants: Leo, Gertrude, and her companion, Alice Toklas.
En 1913, a las aspiraciones literarias de Gertrude ("consideradas pueriles por su hermano"), se sumaria la llegada de Alice Babette Toklas a Rue des Fleurus en 1908 (donde ellas vivieron hasta 1938) y el rechazo de Leo al cubismo, que tanto entusiasmaba a su hermana ("es una omnipotente basura", decia el de los cuadros cubistas de Picasso), factores para el rompimiento de los hermanos.
Toklas, and acquaintance of Gertrude Stein, she recounts her encounters with that bohemian circle in early 20th century Paris.