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Hungarian wine made from Tokay grapes

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variety of wine grape originally grown in Hungary

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A female tokay gecko, one of eight new residents in the Reptile House
When the car was checked a red bag was discovered which was carrying a lizard named Tokay Gecko.
Asia : Activists warned Thursday that wild populations of Southeast Asia's striking Tokay Gecko were in danger of being over-hunted for use in traditional medicine in China and other countries.
Rescuers had almost given up hope of finding Ferhat Tokay alive when they saw his hand in the ruins of flats in Ercis early yesterday and pulled him out.
The boy, Ferhat Tokay, also used shoes under his head as a pillow and peered through a tiny gap in the wreckage to see when it was day or night outside, his uncle said.
Ferhat Tokay was rescued 108 hours and Imdat Padak was pulled 100 hours after the quake in Ercis town of Van, and they are currently under treatment at Van Training & Research Hospital.
Rescuers from Azerbaijan pulled Ferhat Tokay out of the debris of a multistory building early on Friday, the latest survivor to emerge from the devastation of the 7-2-magnitude quake that leveled buildings and killed at least 570 people.
Apart from the ubiquitous Pinot Blanc grape that provides a steady income and a solid foundation upon which Lorentz, like the majority of Alsace growers, is building his empire, Riesling, Tokay Pinot Gris and GewE-rtzraminer constitute the pinnacle of this property's achievement.
Tokay, the fabled wine of Hungary, is often called pinot gris in Alsace and is a full mineral complex varietal.
Ibi and her family who lived in the Hungarian town of Tokay were imprisoned in a ghetto for about four weeks and then at the end of May, 1944 were loaded into cattle wagons and transported to Auschwitz.
A paper by Population Council researchers Ruth Merkatz, Regine Sitruk-Ware, and Barbara Tokay of the Population Council's Center for Biomedical Research traces the evolution of contraceptive methods and suggests that development of modern contraceptive methods may be relevant to development of therapeutics for chronic medical conditions and that novel contraceptive methods can be used as models for innovation in drug delivery systems.
In order to find in where the significant difference exists, the Tokay post test was used.
But back in the car he popped a pill, took a long swig of Tokay and went to sleep thank god.
Determined to learn more, Henslowe enlists help of conveyancer Wrather (Brown) to procure a bottle of the rare 1889 Imperial Tokay wine, which should lure the Dean to dinner.