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Hungarian wine made from Tokay grapes

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variety of wine grape originally grown in Hungary

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According to security agencies and wildlife officers working in Northeastern states, hundreds of locals are now selling tokay geckos to international wildlife traffickers, who smuggle them to centers of Chinese medicine across Asia.
The City of Venice, Florida intends to negotiate sole-source procurement for Tokay SQL server software.
The altar: lacy lambrequin; solid gold cross, like a Roman short sword; chalice, pall and purificator, chalice veil; ciborium, paten; cruets of amber Tokay.
They have five new juvenile dart frogs and three female tokay geckos, pictured far right, which are all settling in well.
The company's original investor, Zoltan Tokay, has invested an undisclosed amount into the site in recognition of the many milestones that the company has achieved.
put together with the help of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and exhibition company Blue Tokay, hope the exhibit will educate people about the importance of conservation and help visi tors understand what life is like in countries where encounters with deadly snakes are a daily occurrence.
Izadi compared how the footpads of tokay geckos (Gekko gecko) stuck to two polymer surfaces.
Visit to the Slovak Tokay wine cellars--trip to Ostrozovie Winery on Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday--50 [euro] per person.
Stating that she had been there for almost two weeks, Tokay said that they want a peaceful atmosphere to be established permanently in the region and added that she is still hopeful for a possible settlement to the ongoing problems.
North east-based touring exhibition company Blue Tokay Ltd has loaned the museum two displays from their Bare Bones collection, which looks at the anatomy of animals in an unusual way.
vin domains should be put on hold until protection for European GIs (such as Chianti, Port, Champagne or Tokay worth billions of euro) is fully guaranteed.
Barbara Tokay and Cindy Shaler responded that the client usually determines the preference for billing arrange merits.
ARIZONA--Danytza Arenas, Arthur Barraza, Andrea Doty, Jeffrey Freeland, Lee Gibson, Mathew O'Neil, Randy Standridge, Tokay Stanley, Jerry Sternes, Manuel Ybarra
This 247-square-kilometer island, where 90 percent of the population of 40,000 are Buddhist, is home to a Tokay gecko community.
Tokay Pinot Gris, Cuvee Ste Catherine' Clos des Capucins, Domaine Weinbach Alsace, France 2011