Tojo Hideki

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Japanese army officer who initiated the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and who assumed dictatorial control of Japan during World War II

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By the time Tojo Hideki came to power in October 1941, more than 100,000 goods, services, and materials were under some form of regulation, including the rationing and distribution of staple goods (coal, charcoal, matches, gasoline, clothing and soap) and food.
In the heady days following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, the government of Tojo Hideki reinvented the tradition of selflessness and national harmony with the phrase "one hundred million hearts beating as one" (ichioku isshin) , designed to spur the people to ever-greater feats of sacrifice for the nation.
The shrine was used by the government as a vehicle to promote nationalism during World War II and also houses war criminals including Tojo Hideki, who was the army general and prime minister in the closing years of the last war.