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a native or inhabitant of Togo

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For all of them, this is a "winner takes all" deal since both The World Bank and the Togolese government want to retain only one operator.
The Togolese authorities have shown themselves to be efficient administrators and ready to adopt the latest technologies," said Dopp.
ETI does not accept the legitimacy of the Togolese court s ruling because the court does not have legal jurisdiction over Mr Tanoh s employment contract.
Despite its size, Togo recently received around 10 percent of HAP's total budget allocation for sub-Saharan Africa, reflecting the need and the quality of projects proposed by Togolese communities.
The event will be organized in collaboration with the Cinema and Audiovisual School, a private film production institute in the Togolese capital.
At the meeting, Abbasi submitted to Ohin President Ahmadinejad's invitation to his Togolese counterpart to attend a summit meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran in August.
The Bahrainis comfortably won the tie 3-0, and the poor quality of the Togolese performance brought about the allegations that it was a "fake" national team that was fielded.
The first suspect was injured in his left thigh by police who responded when he opened fire from a tree at the Togolese bus.
The bu i l d -u p t o t h e continental event in Angola has been completely overshadowed by the gun attack on the Togolese team bus on Friday, which reportedly killed three people and injured others.
We understand the position of the players who want to in some way avenge their dead colleagues, but it would be irresponsible for the Togolese authorities to allow them to continue.
The gendarmerie is also targeting the Togolese players.
Political parties: Rassemblement du Peuple Togolais (RPT); Union des Forces de Changement (UFC); Comite d'action pour le Renouveau (CAR), Pan-African Patriotic Convergence Party (CPP), Democratic Convention of the Togolese People (CDPA).
When I was older I got involved with the human rights group Association Togolese Par La Defense et la Promocion de Droits Humains.
Adebayor, who scored twice in the match in Lome, is a central figure in wrangles between Togolese players and officials over unpaid monies.