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Evolution of the monocot gynoecium: evidence from comparative morphology and ontogeny in Tofieldia, Japonolirion, Petrosavia and Narthecium.
Patterns of floral structure and orientation in Japonolirion, Narthecium, and Tofieldia.
Tofieldia was first named by Walker (1986) as being among the most primitive extant monocotyledons, together with Narthecium (both are former members of Melanthiaceae s.
Among early-branching monocot taxa, Acorus and Tofieldia have secretory tapeta, whereas Araceae and Alismatales are uniformly plasmodial.
1995a, 1995b), such as Tofieldia (Oho, 1929), Pleea (Browne, 1961), and many Araceae, although in Araceae both crassinucellate and tenuinucellate conditions are present (Grayum, 1991).