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a genus of delicate ferns belonging to the family Osmundaceae

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Leptopteris y Todea son grupos hermanos que forman un linaje denominado informalmente "clado leptopteroide" de Australia, Nueva Zelanda y sudeste de Asia (Escapa & Cuneo, 2012) y constituyen el grupo hermano de Osmunda.
First record of Todea (Osmundaceae) in South America, from the early Eocene paleo rainforests of Laguna del Hunco (Patagonia, Argentina)".
As Todea writes, "the fact that individuals are attracted by the prospect of immigration is linked to the fact that immigration promotes prosperity and productivity at the level of all communities.
Los bienes asignados al conde de Monterrey fueron Lobera, Entrimo, Araujo, Avelenda, Xinzo de Limia, Ganade de Mino, Brebantes, Villa de Rey, Soto Bermud, Val de Laza, castillo de Santibanez, Tierra de Todea, Penafiel, Villanueva de los Infantes, Castrelo y Espinoso.
Adriana Todea rounded third and went halfway to home plate before stopping and trying to get back to third base.
5 metres high, this Todea barbara, which may be over 1,000 years old and probably arrived in Scotland from its native South Africa via Australia, is now the highlight of the rebuilt fernery.
Like Soft32, AVG is a disruptive leader in its field and this agreement represents a fantastic opportunity for us to deliver added security and online safety to our user community," said Lucian Todea, CEO and Founder of Soft32.
During the competition stages, when full take-offs are used, apart from special speed exercises, the development of this skill will be performed separately or at the same time as the technique, during take-offs, as some specialists state; Todea, (1971), Bauersfel, (1979), Gracev, (1981), Tatu, (1981) all quoted by professor Ionescu, [Ionescu Bondoc, PhD thesis, Chisinau, 2004].
Having developed a highly successful partnership and participated with Avangate at other Affiliate Summit events, we know that both vendor and affiliate attendees of this year's Western edition will receive great insights into improving their affiliate channels," said Lucian Todea, Founder and CEO, Soft32.
For the attention of: Gabriela Todea, Sanda Florescu