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Scottish chemist noted for his research into the structure of nucleic acids (born in 1907)

fictional character in a play by George Pitt


References in classic literature ?
That's how the whole thing looks supposing this Rian made for Pilgrim's Pond to kill Todd.
I have heard it on many a political platform or meeting of directors; it was Ireton Todd himself.
Let us suppose, then, that our friend with the cropped hair came to kill Falconroy and not Todd.
I think the gentleman's name is Todd," said the priest.
Mr Ireton Todd is a good host, and has tracked him here, without even waiting to take off his fancy-dress.
The family of this Master Todd were hangers-on of the house of Osborne.
Osborne was the godfather of young Master Todd (who in subsequent life wrote Mr.
One Saturday evening on January 9, 1999, Bobbo and Todd - two 20-year-old petty thieves squatting in a house in Anfield - were watching TV when somehow the topic of conversation turned to religion.
Casey Walton Todd told a federal judge on Monday that he regrets robbing a Eugene bank in early 2014 and has since changed his lawbreaking ways.
Increasingly distracted by the demands of middle school, twelve-year-old Todd Buttroche is becoming neglectful of the Toddlandians, miniature beings living in his closet, reliant on his flaked dead skin cells for sustenance.
Escaping his irate boyfriend, Corrie's first gay character Todd Grimshaw is back in Weatherfield and he's not the nice boy he once was.
Susan Todd was so alarmed by Stephen Todd's behaviour she locked herself in the supply cupboard at the office where she worked.
Todd then tried to kill herself by ingesting a cocktail of bleach and other chemicals.
The next morning Todd was waiting in the office of the Richmond Register's editor, Jim Todd, his brother, according to the newspaper's account of the incident.
The people Todd heard the rumor from lived below Wade and Todd, but Todd overheard, more than heard it.