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an Apocryphal book that was a popular novel for several centuries

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Below in Section II, we detail the shortcomings of the Tobit model and present the MSSM.
Keyword: DEA, Efficiency, Kasur, Pakistan, Statice Cut-Flower, Tobit Regression.
The factors affecting these inefficiencies were determined by Tobit regression model.
Using the Tobit model method, we briefly explain the process of estimation, taking export proportion (EXP) as the dependent variable for an example.
The authors adopted logistic regression and Tobit methods to determine whether an association exists between decisions to declare dividends and clientele effects.
The result of interest from the Tobit regression is whether the 95 percent CIs of the quality parameters overlap or not.
35) On 4 November 1498 another such edict granted each of them forty days of indulgence for their charitable deeds on behalf of the poor, mentioning by name, along with helping the infirm, the seventh work of mercy while pointedly remarking that members of the confraternity, "imitating that most holy Tobit," were deeply engaged in that task.
Tables 2 and 3 present the results from the Tobit models, and Table 4 presents the results from the fixed-effects and GMM models using the unbounded dependent variable.
11) From the estimated Tobit model, we can examine unemployment rates.
apocryphal) books of the Old Testament: Sirach 35:1-2 and Tobit 4:7b-10.
Of special interest are the Second Temple books of Sirach and Tobit, which Catholics and Orthodox hold to be inspired Scripture.
The admonition to bury the dead comes from the Old Testament Book of Tobit, whose namesake is exiled for his righteous work of burying the dead, especially criminals.
A more obvious precedent for Christian use was the occurrence of the same formula in the Old Testament (Psalm 4:2, 6:3, 9:14, 25:11, 121:3; Isaiah 33:2; Tobit 8:10; etc.
We used Tobit regression analysis to determine risk factors for the levels of internal contamination.
For the latter part, in the second stage, Tobit regression is applied (instead of OLS because the dependent variable is censored from 0 to 1), considering technical (overall) efficiency as the endogenous variable and certain bank-specific factors as exogenous.