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Synonyms for taekwondo

a Korean martial art similar to karate


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TKD Lingerie has been running its own 'Role Models' campaign across social media, with customers revealing the women that inspire them.
Os atletas do TKD em um campeonato costumam efetuar entre cinco a seis lutas, com pausa entre os combates inferior a dez minutos (Sant'ana, 2007).
JSW has compared the specific energy and polymer temperature between the screw configuration with TKD and with KD.
The two 1st Dans, Mr Dave Goat along with his brother Jimmy, went on to establish the Shaftesbury TKD club in Tranmere, they also had classes at Byrne Avenue Sports Centre, and night school classes in Liverpool.
It is suggested that sparring equipment protects the wearer rather than the opponent, and that receiving blows to a TKD chest protector hurt just as much as receiving a blow without it [7].
Ten male from Sao Paulo's TKD state championship were recruited.
TKD Tigers is currently holding sample sessions for schools in Dubai.
In U-17 Khyrogi female category, Iram Bibi of Swat TKD got first position in 42kg followed by second-placed Maria of TKD lover Khanewal and third-placed Urooba Badar from Sindh Green Club.
These developments have significantly heightened the property's appeal to prestigious tenants like TKD.
The Danish property developer TK Development A/S said on Thursday (29 December) that its wholly-owned subsidiary TKD Nordeuropa had signed an agreement with the sports club Aalborg Boldspilklub A/S to sell and develop a property in Aalborg, Denmark.
Tenders are invited for Open tender for service pertaining to substations and electrical at icd tkd icd bvh and prc yard
owner is former coach of the S Korea TKD Olympic team.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of xlpe insulated al cable at icd tkd
Location: Office of commissioner of customs import, icd tkd