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Unlike Dussart, in her neighbouring text on Warlpiri women's ritual, Poirier addresses the issue of the anonymisation of creativity--how the apparently immutable Tjukurrpa is able to maintain its seamless profile, yet be invigorated with new material over time.
Other desert groups have linked this holding with three other key values: walytja (family), ngurra (land) and tjukurrpa (Dreaming) (Warrki 2002:15).
Together, these experiences point to the power and importance of older men holding younger ones, leading them through the ancestral tjukurrpa (Dreaming) into a belief in themselves and the discovery that they 'have a future'.
Second, the degree to which a community-country anangu will be heeded on the community in relation to wider decisions concerning land, such as exploration and mining, will also rest on the level of responsibility they hold for ceremony that derives from Tjukurrpa that pass by the community.
Every painting released by these highly respected cooperatives is accompanied by a certificate that explains the tjukurrpa story behind the artwork.
The tjukurrpa narratives of the Wilkinkarra region are dominated by the Tingari Cycle.
Their wanderings appear to have brought them to Wilkinkarra during the same tjukurrpa period as the Tingari (Mellor and Megaw 1999:44), although in other respects the Two Men can be thought of as ushering in a post-Tingari epoch (Berndt and Berndt 1999:266).
Bush-names, also called yinnitjukurr(pa), are related to Tjukurrpa beings and places, as may also be other names of a less secret nature.
Some may also be associated with Tjukurrpa and places, but are not of a secret-sacred nature, although there is still some respect required when using the name.
The types of names which should ideally be used are those associated with Tjukurrpa (including space) or kalyartu names, because they represent a reality which is also outside the individual.