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For instance, on entering the Tjukurpa space beyond the entrance, you are simultaneously in a snake's guts, wandering through the winding topography of the dunes and in a gallery which shows some of the finest Anangu paintings, while being instructed in words about some of the significance of the place and its people.
Light and deep shade, abstractions of the natural world, male and female essences, constriction and openness alternate in the sequences that you choose in the building (for after the Tjukurpa space there are few moments in plan which dictate that you will adopt a particular route).
Tjukurpa refers to the occasion when these beings became animated and emerged on the surface of the earth, sharing the identities of both humans and the animal and plant species of the localities, for example kangaroo-man, emu-man, perentie-man, bowerbird-women, lizard-woman and native fig-man.
Tjukurpa consists of monoprints, collages and collographs, the starting point of which was a visit to the Central Desert area of Australia, in particular to the sacred Aboriginal site of Uluru (Ayers Rock).
TJUKURPA, an exhibition of monoprints by well-known Coventry artist Nancy Upshall, is on display at the library exhibition room at the University of Warwick until June 4 (Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm, Sat, noon-8pm, Sun 1pm-9pm.