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the role of the character after whom the play is named

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Hart played the title character, a young woman with magical powers.
In contrast, however, to Ford's depiction of the title character as a decoration of the domestic sphere, the author also presented Grace as an uncompromisingly fierce Baptist warrior.
Since the title character of Ernest Quest spent most of the novel searching for truth, wavering between faith in God or reason or spirits, most of the earnest Baptist characters hold supporting roles.
The story focuses on the title characters -- Greg, Taconic and Corthag -- battling against the evil Orcs.
Not sure exactly what this means, but in addition to the title characters, the play also contains a Venus and Adonis Avatar.
Geoffrey Rush is magnificent as the title character, a former English criminal turned high-end Central American clothier and devoted family man, who is squeezed by a Bondish bounder played with image-shattering relish by none other than Pierce Brosnan himself.
The film's title characters were done entirely on computer and then dropped into live-action backgrounds.
The movie's premise is that the title characters - played by Perry and Farley, respectively - are scrambling to chart a course to the Pacific Ocean before Lewis & Clark, their rivals.