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the role of the character after whom the play is named

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Hart played the title character, a young woman with magical powers.
In contrast, however, to Ford's depiction of the title character as a decoration of the domestic sphere, the author also presented Grace as an uncompromisingly fierce Baptist warrior.
The story focuses on the title characters -- Greg, Taconic and Corthag -- battling against the evil Orcs.
Not sure exactly what this means, but in addition to the title characters, the play also contains a Venus and Adonis Avatar.
We first see the film's title characters in a black-and-white opening flashback as they watch bulldozers plow through their shantytown home.
Jane Krakowski and Douglas Sills cut a rug as the title characters in the Reprise
The film's title characters were done entirely on computer and then dropped into live-action backgrounds.
The movie's premise is that the title characters - played by Perry and Farley, respectively - are scrambling to chart a course to the Pacific Ocean before Lewis & Clark, their rivals.