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a white powder used as a pigment for its high covering power and durability

(Middle Ages) the queen of the fairies in medieval folklore

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Another important finding is that of Li and Iglesia [10, 11] who found that the precipitation of a Mo, V, and Nb salts solution in the presence of colloidal TiO2 (P25 titania from Degussa) led to a 10-fold increase in the ethylene and acetic acid oxidation rates (per active oxide) without significant changes in the selectivity relative to the unsupported samples.
The of this study is to develop SiC reinforced Titania coating on Titanium substrate by High velocity Oxy Fuel Spraying (HVOF) and evaluate its erosive wear behaviour.
Even when Oberon and Titania duke it out as they vie for ownership of an Indian child, a sly, sweet fondness underlies their contest.
Extensive optimisation of synthesis conditions resulted in the production of a clean final productordered mesoporous titania powder, said Veliscek-Carolan.
In this paper, we synthesized titania nanotubes through sol-gel method with employed natural cellulose substance (filter paper) as template.
Transmission electron microscope (200CX, JEOL, Japan) was used to observe the dispersion and particle size of titania in silica sols.
High fraction factor and stability of titania, homogenous size of particles, and simultaneous and more effective dispersion of core-shell structure are the reasons why these particles are very appropriate to be used in electro-optical devices and laser related experiments.
Transparent PMMA nanocomposites containing silica and titania with enhanced thermal stability were also prepared starting from methyl methacrylate and 3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl methacrylate as organic monomers and tetraethoxysilane and titanium ethoxide as inorganic oxides precursors [9].
ALTHOUGH off the track since July, the John Oxx-trained My Titania might prove the solution to the five-runner Glencairn Stakes, listed highlight of tonight's action in Leopardstown.
Lahinch Classics made a bold bid and appeared to have done enough to cling on, having seen off Odeliz and the slightly disappointing My Titania.
JOHN OXX'S My Titania can get off the mark for the season in the Group 2 Kilboy Estate Stakes at the Curragh this afternoon.
So I'm more than happy that Declan McDonagh can steer today's nap, an immensely TURN TO PAGE TWO YELLOW STAR My Titania can follow in the hoofprints of her famous dad FROM PAGE ONE improving filly, MY TITANIA (4.
MY TITANIA, generally 8-1 co-second favourite for the Qipco 1,000 Guineas on Sunday, was ruled out of the race yesterday after producing an unsatisfactory scope.
In this context, use of photocatalytic semi-conducting materials like titania is promising due to the ease of photogeneration of charge carriers that facilitate surface reactions involving CO2 and water vapor.
Among the topics are dye sensitized solar cells using natural dyes as chromophores, mesoporous photo-anodes for dye-sensitized solar cells, the effect of nanograss and annealing temperature on dye-sensitized solar cells based on titania nanotubes, an electrochemical impedance spectroscopic study of dye-sensitized solar cells sensitized with Begonia malabarica Lam.