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one of the three Furies

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45-46) That like the snakes of black Tisiphone Sting me with their embracings (AF.
Patient Tisiphone Copsey, aged six and from Stokeon-Trent, was one of the first to try it out.
E[sz] And as Earth begins to self-destruct in defiance of her rape, Alecto, Magaera and Tisiphone, will speak for the voiceless dead who have been discarded, and billionaires will secrete themselves with the seeds of all the world's plant species locked in explosion-proof vaults, a mile below the ice under Svalbard.
Perhaps we should make the pope, Pluto, the Cardinalle his iudges Rodomanthus, Aecus, Minos, and Triptolomus, and his Curtesanes, Tisiphone, Megara, Alecto, Erynies, and Furies, his fery man Charon, and his porter, Cerbrus [sic].
22 Tisiphone, Alecto and Megaera are known in English as what?