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a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers

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Carla Kihlstedt, from the group Tin Hat Trio, will bring her latest project, a voice, violin, cello and drum trio called 2 Foot Yard.
Pop: Leftover Salmon begins another run Continued from Page 15 Pop: Doty reunites with ex-bandmates Continued from Page 14 Carla Kihlstedt, a violinist with the Tin Hat Trio, will bring her new band, 2 Foot Yard, to Sam Bond's on Wednesday.
Tin Hat Trio may have taken its music way beyond that first session, but if you're looking for a slapdash definition of the group, just imagine three young musicians who end a 3,000-mile heartland journey with a stop at a dusty Western homestead, where they unwind on the porch with some old-style songs that grandma can dance to.
Since Tin Hat Trio first got together in the mid-1990s, the group - which features Orton, violinist Carla Kihlstedt and pianist Rob Burger - has grown in a number of ways.
Even on their more spare songs, Tin Hat Trio has a way of building complexity.
One thing that hasn't changed about Tin Hat Trio is the group's heavy Eastern European folk influence.
Never lapsing into mere pastiche, Tin Hat Trio fuses the structural incisiveness of classical with the sensual fluidity of jazz, offset by probing, avant-garde atonalities.