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Synonyms for time-out

a pause or interval, as from work or duty

Words related to time-out

a brief suspension of play

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The program remains essentially the same--using time-outs to take away the fun every time the behavior happens, but may also involve the use of muzzles, and perhaps pharmaceutical intervention with your veterinarian's assistance, if necessary.
No grounding, yelling, lecturing, time-outs, spanking.
There are no time-outs, no body padding and even when someone's injured, the clock never stops.
You just took metabolic time-outs while hanging upside-down in chrome cylinders (She points to each of the containers.
And the Rivacre Road boss added: ``Perhaps it might be a good idea to have one of those American-style time-outs after an hour to try and help cure the problem
The group performs hip-hop and jazz choreography during the quarter breaks and time-outs at Knicks basketball games.
This way your system will see there is some kind of activity and you won't have to worry about any time-outs.
This paper presents an instrument for recording coaches' interactions with their players during time-outs in sports such as basketball, volleyball and ice hockey.
The heat and humidity are a major concern for the Azzurri, so much so that team doctor, Enrico Castellacci, wants FIFA to allow time-outs so players can drink water in their next two encounters, which both kick off at 1pm local time.
Regular time-outs on terra firma not only interrupt any ingestion of water, but also give a dog the opportunity to rid her body of extra fluids by urinating.
We've tried time-outs, spells on the naughty chair and even putting him to bed early, but none of it has worked.
With three minutes and 50 seconds left on the clock, the Cardinals started a drive from their 15-yard line and with a few passes getting nine yards at a time, with two minutes and two time-outs left they were at the Warriors' 20-yard line.
Both of these Essexbased stylists are flair players who will always look to take a pot on unless a safety shot is absolutely necessary and they are so brisk around the table that time-outs are rarely required in the shot-clock format.
But with my daughter, we don't obviously do any of that, we give her time-outs," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Alba as saying.
They opened the match with a music video replica of Fight for this Love by Cheryl Cole, and also performed during time-outs in the game.
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