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a city in central Mali near the Niger river

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We all thought he'd been playing for West Ham in Division One this season,but it seems he may as well have been in goal for West Timbuktoo judging by these comments: ``I've not been following the Premiership whatsoever.
But for Martin O'Neill lasting five minutes without having to deny he's going to Man Yoo, Chelsea, Liverpool or Timbuktoo FC, you'll probably get about 25,000,000-1
Having ousted chief scout Norman Wooster and placed responsibility for new players solely with manager Colin Lee, Sir Jack claims: "There are a lot of good players over here, so why don't we concentrate on Tipton rather than Timbuktoo.
It doesn't matter who you play for - Manchester United, Brazil or Timbuktoo Rovers - you've got to be prepared to work as hard as you can.
Next thing, you'll be thinking I phoned the Post Office on the pretext of finding out how much it would cost to send a letter to Timbuktoo, and just happened to enquire whether my card had been delayed or something
I know this is only the reserves but it's been such a frustrating time for me recently that I would have played in Timbuktoo just to get 90 minutes," said Ince.