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a city in central Mali near the Niger river

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is the rumour of thy Timbuctoo, A dream as frail as that of ancient Time?
But all of these legends, like those of Atlantis, and Eldorado, or even Timbuctoo, have "their being in the heart of men," and, according to the seraph who appears in this poem as well, can only shadow "forth the Unattainable," the "glory' of Heaven" (ll.
Also, it's irritating to see 500 pictures of a friend or relative in Timbuctoo or whatever place they've been too -- I am just not interested.
Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, it is now possible to make contact with Eric in Slaithwaite even if you happen to be in Timbuctoo.
The nineteen-year-old undergraduate, Alfred Tennyson, achieved his first success by winning the Chancellor's Medal with his poem Timbuctoo.
Two hitherto unpublished plays: Harte's dramatic revision of The Luck of Roaring Camp and the Sagebrusher Sam Davis's comic opera The Prince of Timbuctoo.
His Timbuctoo the Mysterious appeared in New York in 1896 and London the following year:
I can't think of another small nation in Europe that would even consider staging a tournament without including one of its most loyal servants - and if you don't believe me take a look at the fields for the Portuguese Open, New Zealand Open, Russian Open, Timbuctoo Open, if you like, and see how many locals are involved there.
It involves something more primitive and remains something of a mystery to those who will note expatriates from Toronto to Timbuctoo as if it were a matter of life or death.
William Seabrook, The White Monk of Timbuctoo (London: Harrap, 1934).
With modern communications, the head office could be in Timbuctoo.
Harold Sharfman, "Jungle Jews of Guyana, Guiana, and Timbuctoo," B'nai B'rith Messenger, April 6, 1979, 29.
The British public, via income tax, meet the cost of security for any visiting head of state, whether from America, Pakistan or Timbuctoo.
KILLER mosquito bites naked rambler on bare bum as boiling Brum puts Timbuctoo in the shade
The main parties have metamorphosed into one homogeneous, unrepresentative mass and the members of the Assembly sitting in Cardiff might as well be based in Timbuctoo, as the vast majority of the electorate, if not exactly disenfranchised, feel irredeemably disconnected from the divisiveness and double standards of party politics.