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walking on a tightrope or slack rope


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Overall, the US economy is walking on a tight rope between an incipient recovery and a tightening of macroeconomic policies.
They added that Aphid can also fall from plants if growers sweep the standing crop by a long but tight rope.
more Dirt than gravel drive, the tight rope of a plank
EVERTON FC is walking a financial tight rope chief executive Robert Elstone admitted last night as the club's accounts revealed its debts have risen to pounds 44.
It's not cheap (it could be yours for pounds 80 if you search online), but all the biggest hits are here - Where Eagles Dare, Kelly's Heroes and Dirty CLINT EASTWOOD: 35 FILMS 35 YEARS 18 Harry through Firefox, Sud den Impact and Tight Rope all the way up to Flags of Our Fathers, Gran Torino and Invictus.
Furthermore, an unnamed source within the ruling March 14 coalition was quoted by Kabbara as saying, "Syria, which is still walking a tight rope with the international community, will not allow its allies in Lebanon to derail the work of the government because of the division over Iran.
A possible win for Papadopoulos, who openly expresses more belligerent views on the Cyprus issue than does Garoyian, could cause the latter greater woes as he tries to walk a tight rope between the different schools of thought within DIKO.
It is bit like knowing that there is a safety net in place that makes people willing to walk on a tight rope.
Andre and I have been checking out our fitness levels by climbing, cycling, skipping and tight rope walking, as well as testing different flavours in the taste bar and even checking out our blood pressure.
They would not know how to negotiate and maintain balance on the tight rope of freedom.
They are just as talented as the rest, performing tricks on stilts, a tight rope and acting out some genuinely amusing sketches.
The young president seems to dance a tight rope between appeasing hard-line allies of his father in Syria's vast security apparatus and permitting technology such as the World Wide Web to undermine the government's control of speech and opinion.
Healthcare organizations walk a tight rope in order to achieve these goals and manage to limited budgets.
Tight rope twosome Ramon Kelvink Jnr and Catherine Leger (or Duo Du Haut as they are collectively known) promise to take the skyward spectacle to new heights with the festival's second UK premiAre, Les Funambules, which will also bring proceedings to a close for another year.
Duo Du Haut will bring SIRF 2006 to a fitting close with a second UK premiere - and this performance takes tight rope walking to new heights.