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large dangerous warm-water shark with striped or spotted body

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4ltr MultiAir 2 Tigershark I4 engine that produces 184hp, 234Nm of torque and delivers excellent fuel economy.
While the idyllic location of Mill of Cessintully is a major plus for Managing Director Stewart Campbell, who set up Tigershark over 10 years ago after retiring from professional rugby union, it was by no means simply a desire to 'escape to the country' which swung the decision.
The adversary's goal of attack on the smart device GCS is primarily to: (1) disrupt the operation of the device to prevent control of the TigerShark UAV, (2) gain control of the smart device GCS to control the TigerShark UAV, and (3) gain access to data that may be useful to the attacker.
To commemorate its 40th anniversary, Galco's custom shop produced 40 Anniversary Rigs, a shoulder system constructed of tigershark hide.
Tigershark Rockshelter (Baidamau Mudh): seascape and settlement reconfigurations on the sacred islet of Pulu, western Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait).
5"), and a larger bowie-sized version dubbed the Tigershark (a whopping 14").
4m in length, has a crew of 130 and five tubes capable of firing spearfish and tigershark torpedoes, and sub harpoon and Tomahawk missiles.
2) Northrop's decision in 1980 to design and produce the Tigershark F-20 fighter.
Table 9: Program Details - Payload RandD RQ-21 Blackjack, Tigershark, and RQ-8 Firescout
4ltr Tigershark MultiAir2 engine that produces 184hp paired exclusively to a nine-speed automatic transmission on all-wheel and front-wheel-drive models.
Successful small businesses include Tigershark Multimedia Productions, a video production company specialising in film, motion graphics and 3D animation.
Shark and ray (Elasmobrachii) have been documented at Kurturniaiwak (<700 years ago) on the east side of Badu (David and Weisler 2006); Goemu on Mabuyag (Ghaleb 1990, 1998); Tigershark Rockshelter (c.