Tiffany glass

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a kind of opalescent colored glass that was used in the early 1900s for stained-glass windows and lamps

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It has crystal chandeliers, a red double-height ballroom, marble, brass and lounges with Tiffany glass domes.
The curator of The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass showcases many examples with zoom-in details of the real McCoy--with their original identifiers--created by the famed Tiffany Studios (1902-1932) of Louis C.
it was a quick jaunt up the gangplank and there we were in the glitzy, licorice allsort coloured wham-bam-glam surroundings of the nine-deck high Rotunda atrium, a vision of glass-walled lifts adorned with sparkly lights under a Tiffany glass dome.
You'll find everything from contemporary hand-blown Murano glass pendants to exquisite crystal chandeliers from the Czech Republic; from intricate reproduction Tiffany glass designs to exclusive jewel-like coloured fused glass wall lights individually signed by French artist Clarisse Dutraive.
The luxury ship is decorated in 1920s Art Nouveau and is lined with wood effect, marble, brass, Tiffany glass and antiques.
Humes and her office mates have been scouring Anderson's boutique since October, picking through her Tiffany glass fairies, African walking sticks and German table linens.
The old hotel has the largest collection of Tiffany glass in the country; two clocks, one of which still keeps time, made by Thomas Edison; and a lot of antiques and art work.
Cultural amenities include The Chrysler Museum of Art, with a world-renowned collection of Tiffany glass.
A new Tiffany glass light fitting, a few appetising accessories, and it was time to give Martha a taste of her new kitchen.
Evergreen House, an elegant Italian mansion showcasing 487 breathtaking rooms, is filled with decorative arts, antiquarian books, Tiffany glass, and theater art.
For the 800-seat (1,000, if no onesneezes) main dining room, nothing would do but a skylight of 96 panels of precious Tiffany glass and original brass lighting fixtures.
edu/muscarelle) presents Tiffany Glass: "A Riot of Color," an exhibition of the finest Tiffany glass on view from April 18, 2009 to July 12, 2009.
The Tiffany glass and crystal chandeliers of the old Tavern have been replaced by earth tones, dark wood, and puffy red and green banquettes.
The first and second generations of the Kosempel & Maier family were presented with a beautiful Tiffany Glass Vase for their long-standing dedication and loyalty in servicing the BMW Brand and their customers.