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a major industrial center in northeastern China on the Grand Canal near the Yellow Sea

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The Tianjin Eco-city was designed to set an example of sustainable urbanization in China.
Professor Jihui HAO and Associate Professor He REN are staff of Cancer Institute and Hospital, Tianjin Medical University.
News of the detentions came a day after the ruling Communist Party sacked the head of the work safety regulator, a former vice mayor of Tianjin, for suspected corruption, but without making an explicit link to the Aug.
The company thus choosed for the alternative of setting up a venture capital firm first to strengthen its foothold in Tianjin and in China.
Their choice of the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area as a site for investment represents a significant acknowledgement of the Tianjin Development Area as a great environment for investment.
In October 2002, Tianjin FAW started the production of the Vios compact sedan and the Corolla small passenger car in its first plant in Tianjin.
Infinity Group also announced today that its portfolio company Power Paper and Tianjin Masterwork Machinery Co.
10 million), to finish its business registration by the end of this month and begin operations in March -- the same time the Tianjin free trade zone is planned to become functioning.
The 28MN press, which is being transferred from Aleris's operations in Duffel, Belgium, will enable the Tianjin plant to produce nearly three times its current volume of extrusions by 2015.
Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor, a joint venture between Toyota Motor and China FAW Group Corp.
The Tianjin VantagePoint Hi-tech China FIVCE Fund will be a platform to support that drive and will help build world-class Chinese enterprises that can contribute to economic growth and earn national and global recognition.
Sections including the aft and forward fuselage, vertical and horizontal tail, main landing gear doors, engine pylons and inner flaps reached the A320 Family Final Assembly Line China in Tianjin on 2 August 2014.
to bring unparalleled luxury service and accommodation to Tianjin - 'The Port of the Emperor.
TIANJIN, China, July 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 22nd, during his visit in Japan, Tianjin mayor Huang Xingguo met with Masaru Hashimoto, governor of Japan's Ibaraki prefecture, at the Hotel Okura Tokyo, where the two signed the "Memorandum on the Environmental Cooperation between the Tianjin Municipality of the People's Republic of China and Ibaraki Prefecture of the Nation of Japan.
began the Japanese automaker's first overseas production of the luxury Crown model in a new plant in Beijing's neighboring municipality of Tianjin.
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