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a ductless glandular organ at the base of the neck that produces lymphocytes and aids in producing immunity

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A normal thymus can be misleading in the diagnosis of a mediastinal mass in a child.
Image analysis revealed a highly significant decrease in the volume of the chick thymus in the experimental group A than its matched control at the time of hatching (p=0.
Effect on Immune Organs: Colchicine was administered for 28 days to investigate its effect on immune organs such as spleen and thymus.
Specimens for histopathology were obtained from 10 chicken of each group at 15, 25 and 30 days old in order to examine the pathological changes in thymus and Harderian gland.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Thymus Cancer
Imaging evaluation of the thymus is challenging because thymic size, shape, and consistency change with age, and there is a moderate degree of normal variation in glandular appearance between individuals.
Collective samples of the aerial parts from Thymus capitatus growing wild in south district of Jordan were cultivated during summer season.
This was thought to result from the introduction of epidermoid cells into the thymus following trauma [4].
The thymus is the major site for regulatory T-cell development and plays a crucial role in the development of the immune system.
The thymus reaches its peak size at adolescence and subsequently begins to atrophy.
T cells come from the thymus, the primary lymphoid organ of the immune system--hence, the "T.
INTRODUCTION: Thymolipoma is a rare, benign neoplasm of the thymus composed of mature adipose tissue and thymic tissue.
Spleen and thymus were removed from the mice and histopathological examination was performed to observe the toxic effects of ketoprofen on these organs.