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Dianthus 'Little Jock' Thunbergia alata Osteospermum jucundum
But not to worry you can grow a collection of Black-eyed Susans with Thunbergia Blushing Susan which has been eight years in the breeding by T&M.
Dianthus Barbatus Noverna Clown; Campanula Ramosissima Meteora; Tropaeolum Aloha; Antirrhinum Bronze Dragon; Cisanthe Twinky Pinky; Poppy Somniferum Blackcurrant Fizz; Thunbergia African Sunset; Pansy Cranberry Sauce
The thunbergia family is full of unusual climbers, like the vast hanging yellow pouches of thunbergia mysorensis, of which there is a fine example in the peat house at Edinburgh Botanics.
Cuticular studies in some species of Mendoncia and Thunbergia (Acanthaceae).
Two years ago, I planted a Gardenia jasminoides `Mystery' that had been grafted onto Gardenia thunbergia rootstock, and I've been pleased with its lush foliage and abundant flowers.
Annual climbers such as Thunbergia alata, morning glory and dwarf sweet peas also make good basket subjects.
Blue is contributed by the blue trumpet vine, Thunbergia grandiflora, a stunning climber from India.
Tubs and troughs of vivid nasturtiums can also provide late summer interest, while black-eyed Susan, or thunbergia, will twine itself up trellis or tumble over hanging baskets until October.
Look out for the seeds of Eccremocarpus scaber (Chilean Glory Flower), Thunbergia alata (Black-eyed Susan), Rhodochiton atrosanguineus, Cobaea scandens (Cup and saucer flower) and Ipomoea tricolour (Morning glory).
Turning off at Kolekole Beach Park, I discover that the view from the road barely reveals the primeval beauty of this side of the island: Eden-like in spots but with swinging thunbergia vines and tangled stands of albizia and wild guava, chaotic and ominous in their disarray.
A Black-Eyed Susie thunbergia alata to give it its proper name is an annual from South Africa and dies after flowering each year.
Or if you fancy a climber, scrambling up or tumbling down to 45cm (18in) or so, then Thunbergia "Blushing Susie" is a black-eyed Susan with a difference - it flowers in red, apricot, ivory or salmon (T & M).
Another stunner from T&M was The Blue Trumpet Vine, Thunbergia grandiflora, (above right) which has 3in flowers which appear from early summer and keep up the display though to the frosts.