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Synonyms for thumbtack

a tack for attaching papers to a bulletin board or drawing board

fasten with thumbtacks

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Thumb tacks and flying rubber bands weren't exactly the warm welcome Fischer, a former Olympic gymnastic hopeful who had become a quadriplegic, was expecting 10 years ago when he rolled into his first classroom at Broadous Elementary School in Pacoima.
I do remember one time when my oldest brother Austin was really tormenting me so I strategically placed a handful of thumb tacks in his bed.
So I put together a tres with thumb tacks and thanks to Richard calling out the changes to me landed the gig.
The map in his office shows a scattering of red thumb tacks around the Pas area.
In general merchandise, the items include batteries, film, glue, blank video and audio tapes, disposable flashlights, felt and ballpoint pens, thumb tacks, picture hangers, disposable cigarette lighters, transparent tape, beef jerky, clip closures for bags of snacks and adhesive message pads.
Horror stories of patients walking around unknowingly with staple wires, thumb tacks and even needles in their feet are more common than you think.
MALAYSIA: A schoolboy has filed a pounds 33,000 suit against Malaysia's police, claiming he was tortured and forced to walk on thumb tacks while in custody.
Then gently pull the fabric up and round one end piece of your pelmet, and attach firmly, using a staple gun or thumb tacks.
A trucker hauling thumb tacks through the Grapevine en route to Victorville won't even get a 0.
Simply buy yourself a bit of foam board and a pack of thumb tacks from your local art supplier.
use thumb tacks to stick dried bayleaves from the supermarket on the frame.