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Synonyms for fingerprint

a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger

a generic term for any identifying characteristic

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a smudge made by a (dirty) finger

take an impression of a person's fingerprints

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1: Distribution of pattern of left thumb print according to sex Male Female Loop 95 77 Wharl 43 56 Arch 14 15 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Unfortunately, Khan stated, because the thumb print verifications in the 4 Punjab constituencies have still not been undertaken, the Punjab government feels free to continue with the use of police and government machinery to continue rigging elections which they clearly are unable to win though a fair electoral process.
Islamabad -- In the wake of ongoing thumb print verification controversy, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has taken proactive initiative by developing electronic voting machine (EVM) solution proposed to be placed on all polling stations across the country.
Caption: The Green Thumb Print hand-blown glass lamp from Lamp Works is in the new Donny Osmond Home collection.
Full data, picture, thumb print, security traits, and biometric smart card chips will be included in the card with help from the Home Ministry, Ministry of General Administration and Nepal Telecom.
Manning's left thumb print was found in Mr Purcell's blood, both on the chair and on a kitchen tap.
Sheikh writes that Singh's supposed confession, which was the basis for his conviction, did not carry his signature or thumb print.
The previous version was a simple, laminated card printed on paper bearing a thumb print of the owner.
Thumb print petals, animal shelters and objects made from waste were also displayed.
What's certain, though, is that St Pierre ( St Peter in English) refers to the myth that the prominent dark spot on the fish's flank is the thumb print of the man who founded the Catholic Church after Jesus.
I admit I was distracted by a shop window and the dent the size of a thumb print on the bus was all down to me.
Judge Graham Cottle said Leek had been "nailed" by the thumb print on a cigarette paper he left at the scene of the second burglary.
They said it was something to do with evidence, because the weapon they found had a minute thumb print on it.
Anyone who wants to rent one of its vehicles has to leave their thumb print on the documents, which is then given back to them when they return the vehicle.
The story of a young girl whose journey through this life left a thumb print for all generations to follow.