potter's wheel

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a horizontal rotating wheel holding the clay being shaped by a potter

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The research overwhelmingly proved that a functional electric throwing wheel can be made from available local materials, and at little cost.
The efficient removal of these large metal particles prevents damage to the abrasive throwing wheel.
For that aim I use a throwing wheel for giving a shape and underglaze brush techniques for decorating.
Cryogenic grade shot is metered and conveyed up to the throwing wheel by a unique nitrogen-fluidized conveying system, according to the literature.
The shotblast system is composed of up to a dozen or more abrasive throwing wheel assemblies, depending on casting configurations or cleaning rate required.
The throwing wheel located on the back of the drum throws shot at the parts as they are rotating in the machine.
Mock leather covers abound on bookshop shelves, replete with gilt lettering, offering reams of handy hints for 'boys' and 'girls' about how to turn pasta shells into earrings for mother's day, ninja throwing wheels, or valves for DIY open heart surgery on granny.