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a small cushion that is used for decorative purposes

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You'll be tempted to add a bunch of weight because the dog can carry the throw pillow easily, but that's a bad idea.
West Elm's spring collection includes some interesting geometric-printed, crewel-stitched or hand-blocked throw pillows in guava and bergamot.
Because of their large scale, colors and subject matter, Sandra's paintings are ideally suited for throw pillows.
Some of my personal favorites are toothbrush bracelets, charm bracelets, LP records molded into dishes, a vinyl record clock, etched glassware, throw pillows, and a locker caddie.
The five-seater Chrysler Akino may look conventional from the outside, but the cabin features bamboo flooring with a rug, mood lighting and throw pillows.
When she needed money for a sewing machine, she raised the cash by making and selling throw pillows.
We sell a lot of fun jewelry, lap desks, a lot of decor like throw pillows, curtains, clothing and a lot of tiaras," Barker said
The store will carry Megan Park, a London-based designer, who has custom-made throw pillows exclusive for On the One, with personally selected fabrics.
com for a snazzy pink for coverlet, hot pink and electric green feather boa throw pillows, and palm tree-print shams.
Or they give the physical environment a face-lift--putting an extra set of fire doors between hallways to create "households," using updated colors and patterns, adding a few chintz throw pillows and carpeting-- and assume this is a sufficient guarantee of quality of life.
Soft carpeting, a living-room set of eight sofas arranged along the walls, and lots of throw pillows created an ambient somewhere between domestic intimacy and the anonymity of a private viewing booth.
For other decorating ideas, Bower suggests cushions, throw pillows and slip covers made with natural fiber stuffings that are machine washable.
com range, which also includes sofa beds, ottomans and throw pillows, is made bespoke, with customers invited to choose from the wide range of high-quality, 100% natural European fabrics that sofa.
The Wicker Park collection offers a variety of sectionals, sofas and chairs in a variety of sizes, colors and textures, several of which offer different colored throw pillows to match.