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Synonyms for adventure

Synonyms for adventure

an exciting, often hazardous undertaking

to run the risk of

to expose to possible loss or damage

Synonyms for adventure

a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)

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SCORES of thrill seeking students descended on a theme park today in a bid to set a new world roller coaster record -wearing nothing but their smiles.
McCarty's fascination is always with what might be called (pace Adrienne Rich's old theoretical chestnut) a lesbian continuum of erotic thrill seeking and aggression: Her subjects are usually victims and/or perpetrators of violence between women.
The author suggests that getting a T-type kid into climbing could turn thrill seeking into a positive.
Most cougar reports are surely cultural projections, drawn perhaps from guilt for the ravages of the past, from fear, thrill seeking, or sheer defiance of authority.
As with young adults in general, drug use among disabled college students is closely associated with a previous history of drug use, frequent sexual activity and a tendency toward thrill seeking.