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Synonyms for three-lobed

(of a leaf shape) divided into three lobes

having three lobes

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The most common Virginia creeper is P tricuspidata, or Boston ivy, whose foliage is three-lobed when it matures, growing up to 60ft tall with a 30ft spread.
As a sign of its hardiness, the three-lobed leaves are said to remain evergreen in mild localities.
Shade-tolerant greenery beneath them - three-lobed oxalis, stiff-leaved Oregon grape, sweeping sword ferns and lanky rhododendron - make the groves a welcome oasis on a hot day.
Additional trace fossils from the Khmelnitski Formation, described as "trails of bilobate to three-lobed structure", show general similarity with the Estonian material but in addition have occasional three-lobed development (Palij et al.
The primary bronchus branches into successively smaller bronchi; two secondary bronchi supply air to each lobe of the two-lobed left lung and three secondary bronchi serve the three-lobed right lung.
Screws on these machines can include two- or three-lobed kneading disks and "wing"-type mixingrotor segments.
Within the crankshaft-driven supercharger, twin three-lobed rotors turn at up to 12,000 rpm to compress incoming air.
The flower of this Masdevallia has an exotic, funnel-like shape approximately 2 inches long, with a three-lobed corolla, each section narrowing into a thin needle which extends out from the flower in graceful curves about 1-1/2 inches in length.
About 90% of the screw designs are two-lobed; three-lobed screws are available for high dispersion.
The shape may be entire and somewhat elliptical, mitten-shaped with either right-or left-hand lobes, or three-lobed.
A three-lobed anomaly centered 600m (1969 ft) southeast of drill hole H-02-03 covers an area of 500m by 650m (1640 ft by 2133 ft), and appears to coalesce at depth.
Its leaves are flattened, three-lobed and encircle the stem.
tricuspidata,or Boston ivy, whose foliage is three-lobed when it matures,growing up to 60ft tall with a 30ft spread.
The Crafanc Deiran or three-lobed water-crowfoot (Ranunculus tripartitus) was discovered by volunteers from Plantlife International on a farm near Amlwch,Anglesey, last weekend.