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Synonyms for thoroughfare

Synonyms for thoroughfare

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a public road from one place to another

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The vice mayor said the CCTVs were also useful in managing traffic and responding to road emergencies on major thoroughfares and along accident-prone secondary roads of the city.
All the local bodies, including the cantonment boards, are rapidly constructing permanent walls on important thoroughfares, which will be used for advertising purposes.
It was agreed that the survey related to performance of traffic police during Ramzan must necessarily incorporate thoroughfares that are registered to experience massive load in peak hours or otherwise.
Mondays through Saturdays, all private vehicles with plate numbers ending with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) would be banned from Edsa, Ortigas Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, Roxas Boulevard, C-5 and other major thoroughfares in Metro Manila.
Abu Dhabi: A new system of smart traffic signals is set to control congestion at intersections between thoroughfares and main streets, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport (DMAT) announced on Sunday.
An official of the District Municipal Committee (DMC), Korangi, said Saturday that in the past three days hundreds of tons of garbage was lifted from the 'Katchra Kundis' thoroughfares and streets in various union committees in the Shah Faisal Zone.
HAFIZABAD -- A big rally of activists of PML-N would be taken out in the city on Tuesday from Ghora Chowk Pindi Bhattian Road and it will parade the main thoroughfares of the city to express solidarity with Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan Army.
The city government of Mandaluyong installed more CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras in the city hall and other major thoroughfares to further enhance security in the city.
This is a rare opportunity to buy the real estate with a restaurant facility in an exploding area near several major thoroughfares.
One of the city of Worcester's main thoroughfares has changed little since this 1968 photo was taken.
Empty, fire-damaged and derelict buildings line three of the main thoroughfares - West Derby Road, Edge Lane and Kensington.
The property is located at the intersection of US Highways 401 and 70, two of the major thoroughfares in Raleigh and is comprised of two adjacent retail centers anchored by Wal-Mart, Staples and Hudson Belk.
From the leafy bohemian suburb homes of Coyoacan to the luxury apartment zone of Polanco near the center, and along the main commercial thoroughfares of Insurgentes Sur and Paseo de la Reforma, "for sale" and "for rent" signs have blossomed.
Now those drivers are being driven off their territory again this time by World Bank backed bureaucrats who want to push the bicycle taxis off the city's main thoroughfares.
Research by Mexico's National Institute of Public Health concluded that air pollution from high-traffic border crossings between the United States and Mexico poses serious health risks to the children who live near those thoroughfares.