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American architect (1759-1828)

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Sir Thomas, politely bowing, replied, "It is the only way, sir, in which I could not wish you established as a permanent neighbour; but I hope, and believe, that Edmund will occupy his own house at Thornton Lacey.
Edmund might, in the common phrase, do the duty of Thornton, that is, he might read prayers and preach, without giving up Mansfield Park: he might ride over every Sunday, to a house nominally inhabited, and go through divine service; he might be the clergyman of Thornton Lacey every seventh day, for three or four hours, if that would content him.
I repeat again," added Sir Thomas, "that Thornton Lacey is the only house in the neighbourhood in which I should not be happy to wait on Mr.
The Advisory team within the Birmingham office of leading business and financial adviser Grant Thornton kicked off the New Year with a fun Casino Night at The Studio in the city centre.
P Taylor leads R Thornton 6-0 (Oct 2009, European Championship: Taylor 9 Thornton 0; Jul 2009, World Matchplay: Taylor 10 Thornton 4; Feb 2009, Players Championship Finals: Taylor 16 Thornton 9; Jan 2009: Players Championship: Taylor 6 Thornton 3; Nov 2008: European Championship: Taylor 11 Thornton 7; Aug 2008: Players Championship: Taylor 3 Thornton 1).
Older hunters gradually introduce pups to the art of eating dinner before it runs away, reports Alex Thornton of the University of Cambridge in England.
Thornton Dial in the 21st Century is a full-color, coffee-table artbook of the fantastic works of Thornton Dial, whose often abstract works redefine the concept of "multimedia"--instead of just traditional oil paints on canvas or the like, he was known to use oil with cloth, tin, clothing, enamel, string, rope, spray paint, and any number of other unusual articles to create truly distinctive and three-dimensional canvas creations, not to mention sculptures.
Both movies boast Billy Bob Thornton, one of the few actors willing to traffic in quality sleaze, and both films juxtapose the sentimentality of the Christmas season against the seaminess of the characters' sordid shenanigans.
softwood lumber trade dispute and an inability to find truckers over the winter months due to skyrocketing fuel and insurance rates, says the Ministry of Natural Resources' Bill Thornton, a director in the industry relations branch.
Adding associated losses, such as the cost of reordering and reprocessing goods and filing and investigating claims, raises the estimate total to between $20 billion and $60 billion each year, said Ron Thornton, president of the Inland Marine Underwriters Association.
To achieve this, Thornton has commissioned furniture, fabric, and a carpet to match those shown in the Gandy perspective with electric light provided by reproduction argand oil lamps of Soane's design.
Thornton sent Franklin a reply that included consent documents and listed her account value at $67,141.
Thornton voiced a concern that hospitals may be purchasing physicians' practices in order to retain existing referrals or to attract new referrals.
The people in the independent firms of Grant Thornton International Ltd provide personalized attention and the highest quality service to public and private clients in more than 100 countries.
In Ray McKinnon's Oscar-winning ``The Accountant,'' one character moons, ``That Billy Bob Thornton is the real deal,'' while a more conspiracy-minded character insists, ``They ain't gonna let no real good ol' boys in the moving-picture business - too risky.