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English poet who introduced the sonnet form to English literature (1503-1542)

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15) Patricia Thomson, Sir Thomas Wyatt and his Background (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1964), p.
Many of those who were closely involved in these changes were portrayed by Holden--men such as Thomas More, Archbishop Warham and John Fisher; John Godsalve and Richard Southwell; Thomas Elyot, Henry Howard and Thomas Wyatt.
The painting depicts a hot-blooded youth, Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger, whose father was the reputed lover of Anne Boleyn, something which would not have endeared Wyatt senior to the King.
Thomas Wyatt, a well known architect of the 19th century, was commissioned to build the home in 1871 for Philip Pennant Pearson, who inherited some land that had belonged to famous naturalist and travel writer Thomas Pennant.
The cast also includes Stanley Townsend as King Philip of Spain' Dexter Fletcher as the Earl of Sussex' Tara Fitzgerald as Kat Ashley' Sienna Guillory as Lettice Knollys' Tom Hardy as Robert Dudley' Ian Hart as William Cecil' Robert Pugh as Lord Chancellor Gardiner' Kevin McKidd as the Duke of Norfolk' Hans Matheson as the Earl of Essex' Emilia Fox as Amy Dudley' Ben Daniels as Francis Walsingham' Ewen Bremner as Sir James Melville and Bryan Dick as Thomas Wyatt.
In the third row, from left, are HM1 Aaron Sill, HM1 Thomas Wyatt, HM2 (SW) Chris Acra, CS1 (SW) Joseph Scatina.
His latest role as an executioner will see him "beheading" Thomas Wyatt and the Earl of Sussex and was filmed on location at Alnwick Castle.
Some thirty years later the picture is different; the most famous evidence is the poetry of Sir Thomas Wyatt, a body of work that includes some two dozen English versions of poems from Petrarch's Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta, and a comparable number of translations from more recent Italian and French poets writing under Petrarch's unmistakable influence.
In her final chapter Robinson demonstrates "applications," the revisions of the Foxean scheme that the plays undertook to accommodate current affairs as these could be represented through recounting past decades, as did Dekker and Webster's Sir Thomas Wyatt.
More important, parishioners helped organize and host the Black Catholic Congress from 1889 to 1895 and, led by parishioner Thomas Wyatt Turner and the Federated Colored Catholics, took on Jim Crow in Washington during the early twentieth century.
He begins with Thomas Wyatt or "Wyat" (according to his archaic preference), from whom he traces "the main line" of British poetry--or the rough musicality he found inhering in the best of it.
Following the main text there are seven appendixes, some of them substantial, including one on the musical marginalia (preserved by George Nott) in the lost Wynne copy of Tottel's Miscellany, one on musical settings for poems in the same collection, and one on music for the poetry of Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard Surrey.
Thomas Wyatt, Director and GM of Cisco Systems, will discuss how a network provides an ideal platform to support innovative applications that improve customer experience and create new revenue streams