Third World

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underdeveloped and developing countries of Asia and Africa and Latin America collectively

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According to the authors, regional cooperation for the third world countries has to go beyond the concept of the political sovereignty of nation states.
Third world economies are as different as the countries, well over a hundred nations make up the third world and their economies vary dramatically.
In foregrounding the importance of Third World students, Slobodian calls attention to a neglected but crucial chapter of West Germany's New Left's evolution.
The introduction outlines our current understanding of the Third World in light of globalization and describes our contemporary academic approach as formed by the lens of cultural criticism.
In order to gain influence in the Third World, the superpowers promised cooperating countries the benefits of modernization, as well as military and economic assistance.
Prashad cuts through convoluted historicisms and avoids the trap of setting out to write the definitive historical text of the Third World.
In many Third World nations, green building has yet to gain traction.
She argues that Marshall portrays a society that is "not so much a remainder of an older culture," as Jameson characterizes the Third World, "as it is a modernist revision of that older culture necessary for survival and resistance under late capitalism" (95).
TO visitors, the signs that mark a Third World country are obvious.
Among those readers who did take notice was Haki Madhubuti, founder and publisher of Chicago--based Third World Press.
Discussing third world theology is in itself a difficult task.
Its origins, as with many Third World urban problems, are rooted in colonialism.
Regular Echo Viewpoints letter writer, Syd Boulton of Caerphilly, contends that Third World debts should not be wiped out because funds would be siphoned off by despotic rulers and claims all charity should begin at home.
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