Third World

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underdeveloped and developing countries of Asia and Africa and Latin America collectively

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What the book has done is to use the ideas developed by the economists named above, along with others, to explain why economic development theories even before their time, have performed dismally in Third World countries.
International financial institutions must also be democratized and reformed to encourage and fund development of productive, high-wage, environmentally friendly technologies in the Third World.
The flaw in so-called free trade, is exposed as a free for all, with what that expression entails, to the detriment of the Third World countries.
Regardless of what position one takes, writing about third world women, whether from a Western or a third world university, is rendered difficult because of the danger of recolonization and homogenization.
In a brief survey, Dark Victory documents the resulting suffering and impoverishment in both the Third World and the United States.
One of the major player in this debate is the World Bank which provided aid and assistance to the Third World through the Structural Adjustment Programmes.
We're in the same game as the Third World countries," confirms Greg Baiden, the project engineer of Inco's Ontario Division mines research department.
This research evaluates the efficacy of the GoogleSMS platform in third world economies drawing specific insights from the implementation of this application on the MTN mobile network in Uganda.
After likening the roads to Third World standard, Clr Sheard took exception.
Globalization and third world women; exploitation, coping and resistance.
But climate change minister Phil Woolas said his plans would only make Third World people poorer.
WALES is a Third World nation, according to Sir Paul McCartney.
The former Beatles singer, who will be 65 this month, was chatting to Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson during a New Musical Express interview and joked about the fact he never gets recognised when visiting a Third World country.
The Covenant With Black America Introduction by Tavis Smiley Third World Press, February 2006 $12, ISBN 0-883-78277-4
The local Rotarians have paid for facial surgeries for many children in Third World countries.
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