Third Reich

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the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)


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Another noteworthy difference between the Third Reich and contemporary era USA included the methodology adopted by both the two.
Nursing's Response to News about Nursing in the Nazi Third Reich
Norwood has divided The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower into eight chapters, several of which could stand as independent articles.
Targeting the Third Reich is a well-written and researched work that magnificently traces the development of air intelligence from the Great War to its achievements, and failures, in World War II.
Identities rooted in daily activities shaped the ways Osnabruckers came to terms with the Third Reich and its aftermath.
Targeting the Third Reich addresses not only the evolution of intelligence systems but also their impact on national policy and the subsequent strategic, operational, and tactical use of weapon systems based on the introduction of these systems.
The assault on the Third Reich kicks-off with the newest chapter of the famed Wolfenstein franchise hitting U.
STUDENT teachers got into character and took to the stage to help pupils understand a complex exam text on the Third Reich.
soldiers to battle the Third Reich with revenge in mind.
Marine Officer and Naval Aviator Thomas Crown, The Seventh Spear of the Third Reich is a historical fiction novel that delves into the occult and religious intrigue amid Nazi Germany in 1940.
Part three traces "Musical Socialization" through changing German folk songs--the rehabilitation of Volkslieder post Third Reich, three stages of children's music in Japan, and investigates songleading, summer camps and identity among Reform Jewish teenagers in New York.
Zaloga's REMAGEN 1945: ENDGAME AGAINST THE THIRD REICH (1846030188, $18.
A squad of German soldiers escapes from the crumbling Third Reich with secret scientific documents.
It gives us to wonder what lives might have been saved had, for instance, the Allies invaded the Third Reich in 1937, before Hitler was totally prepared to go to war.
History is filled with examples of this bitter lesson, from the Roman Republic's prototype democracy imploding into Caesar's dictatorship, to Germany's Weimar Republic transmogrifying into the brutality of Hitler's Third Reich.