Third Reich

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the Nazi dictatorship under Hitler (1933-1945)


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It is gratifying to see the publication of the "Training Rifles of Third Reich Germany.
Roberto Bolano's lulling prose lends beauty to a dangerous Spanish beach community in The Third Reich, the latest of his novels to be translated by Natasha Wimmer.
Nurses' participation in involuntary euthanasia was only one aspect of the profession's close involvement with the Third Reich from 1939 to 1945.
On the whole, however, The Third Reich at War is a superb piece of scholarship that is likely to emerge as the definitive account of life and death inside Hider's blood soaked Third Reich.
Targeting the Third Reich attempts to fill the void in the role air intelligence played in the defeat of the Axis.
Identities rooted in daily activities shaped the ways Osnabruckers came to terms with the Third Reich and its aftermath.
Jay Baird's book is deliberately designed to fill a perceived gap in the history of German literature and to give attention to the neglected writers of the Third Reich.
Essentially a by-product of an aborted project to bring Albert Speer's Inside the Third Reich to the big screen, Swastika began life as a collection of newsreel and propaganda images gleaned from archives all over the world.
This final volume of Richard Evans's trilogy on the Third Reich (the earlier titles being The Coming of the Third Reich, 2003, and The Third Reich in Power, 1933-1939, 2005) is a disquieting masterpiece of scholarship.
The assault on the Third Reich kicks-off with the newest chapter of the famed Wolfenstein franchise hitting U.
STUDENT teachers got into character and took to the stage to help pupils understand a complex exam text on the Third Reich.
On a more serious note, the, recent exchange of views on this page over my reference to Nazism, and the possibility of the European Union transmuting into the successor to the German Third Reich, reminded me of the debate in March 2006 when correspondents, including yours truly, raised the alarm about the dictatorial powers Tony Blair proposed to assume in the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.
Refractions of the Third Reich in German and Austrian Fiction and Film.
Following a brief historical overview in chapter one, the author focuses on the ideological context of German literature produced within the Third Reich in chapter two and literature and cultural politics in chapter three.
soldiers to battle the Third Reich with revenge in mind.